“Adult life is not for the weak”- This should be on every 18th birthday card out there, since no one really prepares you for how demanding living a responsible adult life can be. Sometimes, you just want to go back to being the free-spirited being who had dreams and woke up every day eager to see what the day had to offer. 

If your career is starting to work your nerves or you just need a break from work without quitting your job, then a sabbatical leave is something you should consider. 

Planning a sabbatical is more than just planning a trip, as they naturally last for a longer duration of time so, here are 4 tips to get you started.

1. Do Your Research

While there are no laws guiding sabbaticals, it is important to look into your company’s policy on such. Lately, many companies have started to embrace the idea of encouraging their workers to take sabbaticals so, find out if your company permits such leaves and make inquiries on how to go about it. 

For instance, ask if you will still be entitled to your full pay or just a percentage. You don’t necessarily have to notify anyone about your intentions just yet – the logic behind this research is just to have an idea of what awaits you if you decide to go for it. 

2. Set Goals

A sabbatical is not only a time to tour the world, lift your feet off the ground, and sip on margaritas. While that is part of the plan, it should not form the core of your desire to take one. People ask for work sabbaticals for many reasons, some include full time volunteering with a cause they care about, learning a new skill, or simply exploring a new career path.

Decide on what you aim to achieve during the period before applying for a sabbatical leave, and make plans around it.

3. Have a Plan

The truth is, sabbaticals do not come cheap depending on what goals you have set out to achieve. Before you even think of approaching your employer to ask for a sabbatical leave, ask yourself if you can afford it. If you can’t, figure out ways you can work towards that. 

To have a rough estimate of your financial capability, you need to consider three things; the monthly bills that will continue to run while you are away, the daily cost of living while on your sabbatical, and finally, costs associated with sabbaticals.

Also, it is important to set up a virtual mailbox with sites like physicaladdress.com. This will help ensure that you do not miss important messages regardless of where you choose to spend your sabbatical leave.

4. Notify Those That Matter

Now that you have taken time to research and hatch a plan, it is time to notify people that matter like friends, family, and your employer. Talk to your employer about your intentions and see how you can both come to a favorable agreement. Be sure to put the agreement into writing, at least, as a legal backup should the situation change. 

Sabbatical leaves are a great way to disconnect from the demands of work and refocus your mind on the things that truly matter to you.