3 Creative Ways To Share Your Business Story

According to Insight Agents, only 10 out of the UK’s 50 most successful businesses listed on the FTSE 100 share their stories clearly. The world has moved into an era where customers are continually interested in companies’ business stories. This has therefore generated the need for businesses to employ ingenuity in sharing their stories. Today, business storytelling plays a pivotal role in brand-building, and without it, you risk losing out to your competitors. What techniques can you use to tell your business story memorably? Below are a few creative ways. 

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  1. Tell your story through videos

Experts say video content marketing appeals to a wide audience and can convince them to become loyal to your brand. The combination of audio and visual elements appeals to people’s emotions, known as emotional contagion. Effective video production can capture a business story’s essence without the need for much narration.

According to clinical psychologists, the human brain gets in tune with these visuals, explaining why people tend to reflect emotions based on what they see and hear (neural coupling). For instance, can you recall how you reacted to an emotional scene during a movie or when you heard an impactful story? That’s what video storytelling seeks to achieve for your business, with your audience as the target. By generating these emotions you wish to elicit from the public, you inadvertently reach out to potential customers.

  1. Communicate using memorable copy

Sometimes, less is more. Many successful businesses have flourished by stripping things to the basics using a powerful copy without any complicated language or ambiguity. A copy captures the core points in a business story and highlights those elements to represent the whole. In a marketing Insider Group survey, the following three companies were rated as having the best business story-telling copy in 2017:

Avoid complexities in your business storytelling as much as you can. What you put out must be engaging, powerful, and straight to the point. Most importantly, be honest in your story and don’t use exaggerations or untruths to attract a huge following. At some point, doing that may cost you your reputation.

  1. Use infographics

Infographics are not only limited to sectors such as the stock market. They effectively use graphic representations to provide quick insight into data, relying on three main elements:

Very often, long and winding business stories cause your audience to lose interest. However, with infographics, you’re assured of a succinct but interesting packaging of essential details you want the public to know. Indeed, you might have a rich business history you wish to share, but you can summarize it with some salient points. The overall objective is to present your story in a quick and easy-to-understand format. Besides, with infographics, you can conveniently share it on social media for a wider reach.

With these tips as a guide, you’re on your way to telling your business story in an unforgettable way.