3 Effective Ways Of Staying Ahead Of Your Competitors

The number of people bashing white color jobs for self-employment continues to increase in the 21st century. This has heightened competition in the small business sector, where many run after abandoning their formal employment. 

The high levels of flexibility, growth, support, and freedom found in the small business industry make it ideal for many people. Nonetheless, most startups do not go past the first three months due to competition from same-level businesses and well-established companies. 

Startups are susceptible to competition since they lack the finances to hire and retain a skilled workforce, market their services, and indulge in in-depth research needed to produce quality products. 

However, here are three effective ways of beating this monster and fueling your business success. 

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Satisfy Your Customers

One secret with satisfied customers is that they will always come back. They will often bash that large business you foresee as a giant competitor in your neighborhood for you. Your primary task, therefore, lies in tailoring your business to meet your target market needs. 

This requires that you have the best customer service, outstanding after-sale services, and unique and high-quality products that meet their needs. Additionally, provide them with up-to-date information and seek their feedback on areas they would love improved. 

Lastly, pay special attention to money matters by always ensuring timely, accurate invoices. Miscalculated pricing may cost you your customers. You can do this by keeping up to date with the market to know where your competitors are price-wise and investing in accounting apps such as an invoicing software to help you get accurate invoices to the customers on time. 

Have a Robust Internal Team

It’s arguably true that your internal team is an easy target for the competitors as they know this is where your strength lies. Therefore you must work on satisfying your staff to ensure they don’t forsake you for your business enemies. 

You can do this by paying them good salaries and on time, minding their welfare and that of their loved ones, providing a comfortable work environment, keeping off gossip, favoritism, and unfair dismissals. 

Moreover, invest in training and talent development to harness your staff’s skills. Besides providing better services that please your customers, this action will increase your worker’s value in the market, putting your brand in a better position. 

Furthermore, chances of such a team leaving you are minimal as you’ve assured them of your unending support and continued growth. 

Have a Solid Social Media Appearance

Social media is crucial to business success in this day and age since this is where the 21st generation is running for all their needs. Therefore, it would help if you created a presence in the different social media platforms that are home to your target customers. 

While here, make use of the platform to market your business, create a positive image and track and outdo your competitors. You can, for instance, use the platform to showcase your work in CSR activities, clarify any negativity towards your company and inform the world of what you have in store for them. 

Moreover, you can learn what your competitors are up to here and strategies for defeating them. For instance, their shortcomings as seen in customer reviews on the platform and hence put work on those negativities. 

As you do this, note that your competitors are also working day and night to outdo you; therefore, put extra effort into everything you do on these platforms. 


Business competition is here to stay, and as always, it’s going to have both positive and negative impacts on your work, depending on how well you prepare for it. Implement the above three recommendations to help you overcome their implications in the future.