3 Unusual Places To Find Design Inspiration For Your Home

When you want to change the interior design of your home it can be hard to find inspiration. From magazines that offer the same ideas over and over to home improvement shows that offer a great looking finished result that really wouldn’t be in the least bit practical, inspiration can be thin on the ground. There are other places to look, though. Read on to find out what some of them are so that you can turn your home into a comfortable, stylish, unique place to be. 

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A Favorite Vacation Destination 

If you had to think about the best place you ever went on vacation, where would it be? It could be somewhere close to home or far away, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that it could offer you the ideal inspiration for your interior design. 

Think about the scenery you enjoyed; what colors were in it? What shapes? How about the hotel room or villa or cottage you stayed in? Was there something particularly lovely about your accommodation that you would like to recreate at home? 

Your vacation will be filled with amazing memories, and whether it’s the parquet flooring of a stately home or the blue and white shutters of a French farmhouse, there will be plenty you can bring back to your own home when you need to. 


A book can be the perfect inspiration for all kinds of different interior design ideas. The cover of any book holds a lot of potential, and even if the cover shows a person or something abstract rather than a house or – better – a room, the color http://www.massagemetro.com/shop/cymbalta/ choices of the designer can be the ideal thing to spark some thoughts of your own. Using book covers as the basis for your home’s design is interesting and different, and will give you a talking point for many years to come (especially if you choose to design each room to match a different favorite book). 

Don’t just use a book for its cover, though. Within those books, there may be some beautiful descriptions of homely kitchens, comfortable living rooms, luxurious bathrooms, and more. This could easily give you much more design inspiration to help you create your own dream home. 

One Piece Of Furniture 

Do you have one particular piece of furniture, be it a couch, a coffee table, a lamp, a bed, or anything else, that you just won’t ever want to part with, and that you must have in any property you live in? Is it a piece of furniture that usually stands out for the wrong reasons because it just seems so out of place at all times? 

If you’re changing the interior design of your home, why not make that piece of furniture a feature for the right reasons instead? After all, it’s always going to be there, so it makes sense to help it feel more at home. Use this one piece of furniture as the basis of all your other design ideas, from color to style to the size of the pieces you want to include. Making everything revolve around the one constant in your home is an excellent place to start.