Matcha is a rediscovered health phenomenon. It has been around a lot longer than you might think. Matcha originates from Japan and was discovered over 900 years ago. In recent years, many health experts have announced the abundance of benefits the powdered green tea leaves have to offer. Today, this post will share the 5 health benefits of matcha that anyone can enjoy.

To make matcha, green tea leaves leaves are grown and covered for months to increase the chlorophyll production, which boosts the health benefits. During harvesting, the stems and veins are removed then ground into a fine powder. This powder can be used in various food and drink products, including lattes, teas, and desserts.

Its health benefits are abundant and more have been discovered recently. Matcha can benefit people of all ages and origins. The health benefits include:

1. Antioxidant properties

Matcha is a powerhouse of antioxidants. It is fully loaded with more antioxidants than any other superfood. One cup of matcha offers ten times more antioxidants than a regular cup of green tea.

Antioxidants play a vital role in protecting the body from free radicals. Free radicals can cause numerous health problems from heart disease to high cholesterol.

2. Helps protect the liver

The liver is an essential organ for flushing out toxins and harmful bacteria. A healthy liver is crucial for combating liver disease and damage.

Matcha studies prove that the superfood can protect your liver and help it maintain healthy functioning. So incorporating matcha into your daily diet help you maintain a healthy liver and inhibit the risk of disease.

3. Calms the mind and the body

Matcha contains L-theanine, which is an amino buy xanax 1mg online acid known for boosting brain functioning. This amino acid works to increase serotonin levels. An increase of serotonin, a chemical found in the brain, improves mood, and helps to relax the brain.

With this, serotonin also plays a key role in increasing concentration. Consuming matcha is ideal AM or PM as it can motivate your brain but also relax you.

4. Improves heart health

Heart disease is something that affects one-third of the world’s population. It is most common over the age of 35. It is possible to reduce or inhibit the risk of heart disease with a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Including dietary superfoods such as matcha can contribute to improved heart health. Green tea, which has a similar nutrient profile to matcha, reduces bad cholesterol. Lower cholesterol levels are a sign of a healthy heart.

5. Can help with weight loss

If you are seeking weight loss or weight maintenance, matcha has impressive properties to help with that. Green tea leaves promote fat burning, which excels fat loss.

Consuming matcha alongside a healthy diet and regular exercise routine can contribute positively to weight loss.

The best way to enjoy matcha

A personal favourite way to enjoy matcha is in a latte. Add a flat teaspoon to your milk of choice and froth until fluffy and smooth. I use the Purechimp Matcha Powder. Enjoy this with a matcha cookie or cake for ultimate deliciousness and maximized health benefits.

Matcha offers endless benefits. It is simple to prepare and is easily accessible online and in health stores.

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