5 Social Media Platforms To Consider For Your Business

According to research commissioned by digital marketing platform Adzomma, more than 50% of UK companies don’t use social media to promote themselves. This statistic is quite disheartening, given that online advertising and marketing is more important than ever in this age of digital transformation. Therefore, your business must be on social media to boost its chances of success, and it’s helpful to know the right sites to be on. Here are some of the best social media sites your business should use to maximise its reach, engage with the right audience, and achieve its online goals.

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  1. Tiktok

Tiktok is the new kid on the social media block, but you’ve likely heard all the hype about it by now. It is one of the newest and fastest-growing social media platforms, offering numerous benefits to businesses who want to promote their brands online. For starters, Tiktok allows your company to exploit some creative liberties since most of this platform’s content is light and entertaining. Social media users and modern customers are desperate for authenticity and human connections. Therefore, Tiktok is the best place to connect with customers and showcase your brand through creative, light-hearted conversations. Patrons will appreciate the interactive approach and feel more comfortable partnering with you for the long term due to deepened connections. Furthermore, TikTok remains the most downloaded app worldwide, so it is one of the best places to reach more people quickly. Besides, anyone can go viral on TikTok, so your posts can gain several views even if you don’t have several followers. 

  1. Instagram

Instagram was launched in 2010 as a photo and video sharing social media platform. Today, it has expanded to include features like live videos, stories, and IGTV for longer-form video content. The platform has about 1 billion active monthly users, so it is undoubtedly worth considering promoting your goods and services. You can use Instagram to display your business offerings instead of merely talking about them. Also, your brand can use Instagram Shops to directly make money on the platform since this feature allows for in-app buying instead of redirecting clients to a landing page or website. Instagram is particularly worth considering if your target audience is young and primarily shopping from mobile. Additionally, it is one of the best social media platforms to consider for influencer marketing. As such, find Australian influencers and others worldwide to help you endorse and promote your business to the right target audience.

  1. Facebook

Facebook is indisputably the largest social media app worldwide, with over two billion active monthly users. Also, millions of businesses are currently promoting themselves on Facebook, making it arguably your safest bet if you want to establish a social media presence. It is pretty easy to get started on Facebook because nearly all content formats work well here, from text to recently introduced Stories. However, it is essential to note that the platform’s algorithm favours content that generates conversations and meaningful interactions between individuals, especially among friends and family. Consequently, focus on content that shows your company’s distinct and humane side. For instance, post many behind-the-scenes and user-generated content to spark interest in your business. Also, use Facebook Live to promote your products and encourage engagement with clients and prospects.

  1. YouTube

People worldwide watch a billion hours of videos on YouTube daily. As such, this platform is worth considering to promote your business to the world. It is the go-to site for many people seeking to learn new things and entertain themselves, making it a potent tool for your business. You can create a YouTube channel to connect with your audience in various ways. For example, you can create videos to visually show product descriptions and back up text-based content. However, it is crucial to note that YouTube doubles as a search engine besides being a social media platform. In fact, the platform is the second-largest search engine after Google, so SEO is a top consideration for success on this platform.

  1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn has evolved into a professional social networking platform where professionals share content, connect, and build their brands. It is also the place for companies to attract talent and display their industry authority and thought leadership. However, you are more likely to find business partners and employees on LinkedIn than new customers. This is because people flock to LinkedIn for industry trends and career opportunities instead of online shopping or entertainment. Nevertheless, your business should be on this platform to remain professional and authoritative.