5 Ways To Create & Preserve Magical Family Memories

There are few things in life that everyone should aim to do. However, creating and preserving memories are two things that all people need to aim for at all times. Yes, you can look back on things in your mind and remember the good times, but it’s even better when you have evidence of them. Plus, you can trigger the memories by looking at things, making them even more vivid in your head. When you get older, you also forget a lot of your old memories, so this is such a brilliant way of ensuring magical moments live on forever. 

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People always ask; what are the best ways of creating and preserving memories? Well, creating memories is easy – live your life and have as much fun as possible. The special moments will come by themselves, and it’s your job to keep them preserved. How do you do this? Start by trying any of these suggestions:

Take photos of key moments 

Whenever key moments present themselves, the best way to preserve the memory is through a photo. Now, you can do this by yourself, or you can seek professional photography services. Truthfully, both approaches work well depending on the situation. For example, if your child is standing for the first time, getting your phone out to take a photo makes a lot of sense. You can literally capture them in the moment, so you need to act fast. 

On the other hand, other points or key moments in life can be better preserved through professional family photography. For example, the birth of a new child, someone’s wedding, the first day at school, and so on. All of these memories are more suitable to professional photos in one way or another. Either they’re things that don’t need to be captured right away, or they are events that can be organised. Regardless, professional photos are excellent as the quality is better and they can sometimes evoke more feelings through the shots. 

Use videos to transport yourself back to the moment

Similarly, videos are just as effective as photos – arguably more so. Everyone loves looking back at old family videos of themselves as kids. Surely you had some of yourself when you were little, walking around and being a little pest. Thanks to modern technology, video recording is easier than ever before. You can literally take HD videos using your phone, meaning the pictures are so clean and clear. 

It’s a good idea to film special moments in your life as a family. Going back to the baby standing up, you should try to film them taking their first steps. Record your child riding a bike for the first time or playing in their first sporting event. Filming at Christmas or on holidays/birthdays is also a smart idea, capturing live reactions and preserving intimate family moments forever. The good thing about videos is you can store them in the cloud and they’ll be there forever, accessible whenever you want to watch them. 

Utilise arts and crafts

Getting creative is a brilliant way of solidifying moments and memories in your thoughts forever. A couple of ideas instantly spring to mind as they are quite popular amongst many parents. One idea is to get your child to dip their hands or feet in paint, then print them on a piece of paper or canvas. The idea is that you are preserving the memory of them being this little child. For decades after, you can bring out this work of art and look at the tiny hand/footprints. Instantly, memories are sparked in everyone’s minds as you remember what it was like when they were that small. 

There’s a similar idea, but using sort of clay moulds instead of paint. It’s the same concept, but they put their hands in the clay and it solidifies around the imprint. Either option is perfect, and many people choose to keep updating them like every five or ten years. It can be super cute to see a difference in prints as your child grows up, sparking unique memories along the way. 

Create photo albums/collages

Granted, this pretty much combines two previous points, but it’s definitely a separate idea! Taking photos is one thing, but actively putting albums together or creating collages is another. It takes things to new levels, grouping memories all in one place. With albums, you can flick through so many photos from the same time, almost using it as a chronology of your life. You can also use them for specific events – like your family holiday, wedding, someone’s birthday, etc. 

The same goes for collages, which are basically photo albums with all the pictures bundled together as one! They’re a great way to see lots of photos at once, and an excellent thing for you to hang on your wall. Putting photos up in your house is so wonderful as you can have constant reminders of specific memories. If you have sadly lost someone you love, looking at a collage on your wall with their photo can really help you remember and cherish them. 

Custom-made jewellery

Lastly, you can make jewellery that immortalises certain memories forever. The best example of this is a wedding ring with the date of your marriage etched into it. But, you can also do the same thing with other items of jewellery and other special events. For example, a bracelet with the dates of your children’s births inscribed into it. 

Another approach is to have necklaces or lockets with photos of people inside them. This is a very special way of keeping specific people very close to your heart. It is usually done when someone passes away, giving you a way of remembering them forever. 

Life would be nothing without memories. That sounds very deep and spiritual, but it’s true. Imagine not being able to look back at things you’ve done or remember people you’ve loved. Everyone should look to preserve the memories they make in one way or another.