5 Ways To Improve Your Garden In Time For Summer

Do you want to improve your garden but aren’t sure where to begin? These nine short jobs will improve the appearance of your garden in no time, which is ideal if you’re hosting a garden party this summer and don’t have time to give it a complete makeover.

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It’s recommended to start with some ‘quick wins’ that instantly improve the appearance of your landscape. This will provide you with the motivation to work on longer-term projects. There’s nothing like witnessing the fruits of one’s labor to motivate a gardener to higher heights!

Lift Your Plants 

Reducing lower branches from trees and bushes (also known as ‘crown lifting’) can give them a million-dollar appearance. It can help them look ‘cleaner,’ improve their shape, and help air circulate around the plant while also providing the opportunity to plant underneath them. Remove any branches that are touching the ground or obstructing the plant’s form and return them to their source. Ensure that your cutting tools are sharp and that the cut is clean.

Make Sure Your Pots Are Clean

Fill a bucket with warm water and a little detergent, then scrub the outsides of your patio pots using a scouring brush. This will brighten up the patio and highlight your cherished pot plants to perfection.

Look After Your Patio

Scrape moss and weeds out of the cracks between your paving slabs with a patio weeding tool or even an old, rusted pair of secateurs. Fill up any gaps between the pavers with a mixture of three parts sharp sand to one part cement, moistened with a little water. With a pointed trowel, push it down the cracks, then smooth the top with the trowel or an old cut-off hosepipe. You should also take this time to clean your paved areas. If you have a large area to cover, Blasting equipment may be needed. 

Create A Brand-New Flowerbed

Most gardens have some lawn left behind, so dig it up and replace it with some new plants to beautify your yard. Using a spade, cut through the turf you want to remove. Then, horizontally, insert a turfing iron or a spade into the turf to lift it up. To transfer manageable pieces of turf at a time, make incisions along the length of the area you’re lifting. To loosen the soil, dig it up and then plant some fresh plants. Check the labels for heights and spreads to ensure you’ll have adequate room for the plants once they’ve grown.

Get Rid Of Any Plants That Are Past Their Prime

If you have plants that aren’t pulling their weight, be brutal. If you have elderly bushes in your garden that have been limping along, bite the bullet and dig them up. You will instantly improve your garden. Every plant has a sell by date, and you’ll wonder why you put up with the old one for so long once you’ve replaced it with a healthy new one!

These tips should help you to spruce up your garden just in time for the summer. Do you have any plans in your garden? We’d love to hear about them in the comments below.