5 Ways To Keep Your Staff Safe At Work

Workplace safety is one of the main priorities in businesses globally. Businesses are required by The Occupational Health and Safety Regulation to have in place health and safety programs to protect employees. Employees are assets to any business, and as an employer, it is your responsibility to minimize risks to keep them safe and healthy for better productivity. The following are brilliant ways you can enhance safety and health for your employees.

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Conduct regular inspections and assessment

With a health and safety policy, it’s still not enough precaution to ensure that risks are kept to a minimum. Conduct regular assessment and inspection to determine areas in the workplace that need improvement. Some of the dangers you should look out for are fires, electrical failures, pests, asbestos, and tripping hazards. Once you identify the risks, establish who is likely to fall victim and make them aware. Take prompt action by hiring the relevant professionals for each hazard, for example, commercial pest control and electricians.

Establish clear communication

Communicating with employees plays a part in ensuring that they stay safe by understanding health and safety policies and policy changes. Create effective communication lines where employees can raise issues and have management give clear communication. Hold regular meetings with employees to keep them in the loop and encourage them to share ideas on health and safety improvement in the workplace. When there are new employees, start by bringing them up to speed by informing them about health policies.

Get Insured

While there is a lot that can go wrong when running a business, safety should be a top priority. However, you still want to be insured when things go wrong. This is why it is essential that you get business insurance for your business. Insurance can really have your back, especially when it comes to unexpected disasters, such as fires. While hopefully, nothing bad happens; you must get insurance if you are running or if you are planning to run a business.

Give support

Between going to work daily and dealing with personal life problems, many employees undergo stress. Although they may not make it obvious, many employees deal with various mental health issues that need attention. As an employer, give support to tackle stress and improve your employees’ mental health. Create forums where employees can attend support groups, seek therapy, and receive guidance and counseling. Similarly, give work breaks where employees get ample time to relax, unwind, and recharge.

Train employees

The best way to keep employees safe and healthy in the workplace is to escort information with practice. Ensure all employees can take care of themselves by providing thorough training. Many accidents occur because employees lack the knowledge and skills to deal with hazards. Bring in trainers and ensure all employees attend. Conduct the same for new employees and give follow-up training so that when employees find themselves in a dangerous situation, they know how to act.

Use signs, labels, and enhance cleanliness

Sometimes safety involves simple practices like keeping a clean environment. Debris, clutter, and dirt create leeway for accidents and diseases that are avoidable. Inculcate a workplace culture where everyone cleans after themselves to avoid cluttering and tripping accidents due to spills. Another brilliant method is by use of clear labels and signs to guide employees and indicate danger. Use signs that have easy-to-understand pictures and diagrams, and place them where they are visible.

Bottom line

Workplace health and safety are essential to ensuring employee satisfaction and productivity. Health hazards in the workplace are not only detrimental to employees but the business as well. Make employees part of the safety process by equipping them with skills through training and encouraging a cleaning culture. Conduct regular inspections and allow employees to give suggestions on the practices that would keep them safe and healthy.