5 Ways To Promote Your Business & Grow Your Brand In 2021

If you own a business and have been struggling to get more customers in the door, this blog post will help you. Many small business owners often have to struggle with surviving in their business. While there are many reasons why a business struggles, one of the most common reasons is poor promotion and advertising. 

You see, some small business owners consider marketing and promotion as an expense, instead of seeing it as an investment. The reality is that no matter how great your products are, if potential consumers aren’t seeing those products, you will not make any sales. 

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This is why you should prioritise marketing right after inventory availability and efficient order fulfillment processes. In this blog post, we’ll be sharing some powerfully proven methods that will help get more people to buy from you, transform your business, and take it to the next level. Ready? Read on. 

Video Marketing

Videos work great on social media, websites, and everywhere you have people. In fact, Youtube is currently the world’s second-largest search engine with over 2 billion users who search for information there. 

If you had no plans for video marketing, you really should reconsider as there’s a huge market there. Video marketing performs really well because people actually like watching videos and prefer it to reading walls of text. 

And it doesn’t take much to set up a video production process that you can use to consistently promote your business. All you need is your phone, a phone stand, and a ring light to start filing your promos. If you’re camera-shy, you can simply opt for whiteboard explainer videos and animations. These are pretty easy to make too.  

Podcast Sponsorship

If you’ve ever heard podcasts with the “brought to you by XYZ” message, that’s what a podcast sponsorship is. To make this work, all you have to do is look for a popular or semi-popular podcast with a decent following if you’re on a budget, and sponsor some of their episodes.

Of course, you have to make sure that their audience fits with your own target demographic. So, if you’re selling jewellery for women, you should look for podcasts that have a female audience and see if sponsorship/advertisement is possible. Check out Chartable for a large compilation of podcasts in almost every industry.   

Content Marketing

If you’re not posting on your blog regularly, creating informational videos, or putting up infographics and educative images, you’re losing out on a powerful marketing strategy for your business. 

Content marketing is a very powerful marketing technique that works really well if you know how to do it. If you don’t know how to write, you can always hire expert ghostwriters to create excellent content for your blog. With this, you can easily build a highly targeted audience that you can encourage to buy your products or hire your service at any time. 

Paid Search 

Also known as pay per click (PPC) or cost per mille (CPM), this is an incredibly fast and powerful way to start driving traffic to your website and business. All you have to do is sign up with advertising platforms like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Microsoft Ads, or Twitter Ads. For the best results, Google and Facebook Ads seem to provide the best returns on investment. 

Create an ad campaign on these platforms, set up a maximum cost that you’re willing to pay every time someone clicks through to your website, and let your ads run. Paid search is so powerful that it often yields a return on ad spend of 200 percent. And it can provide you with an influx of consumers within an hour of activating your ads. 

Influencer Marketing

This is a very powerful way to drum up business and generate a lot of traffic. All you have to do is find social media users with a lot of followers and pay them to give your business or brand a shout-out. 

The hottest platform for influencer marketing right now is Tiktok. But Youtube and Instagram can work just as well. Just look for influencers who have your target audience, and contact them to see if they would be willing to promote your business for a fee. When you find those who will, you can reach an agreement on how many times you want them to promote your business per day, per week, or per month. 

Rounding Up

These tips are guaranteed to help generate near-instant traffic to your business if you use them correctly. So, if you’ve been struggling to get new business or customers, apply the tips in this post, and you’ll generate more sales and revenue for your business.