Island hopping in Indonesia isn’t complete without visiting the Nusa islands. Known for there amazing waterfalls, beaches and natural pools, they are definitely worth crossing the waters for. 

You could spend ages on these islands, simply based on the fact they are so relaxing. Everyday goes by with such ease, everything feels simple and is so zen. Although it is off of mainland Bali, it still has the Bali ‘feel’. It is relaxing for the mind, body and soul.

A few tips for the Nusa islands: 

Get cash out before going, there are not many ATM’s and most places take cash only. It’s best to be prepared and not have to run around like a headless chicken.

The islands are a lot bigger than I imagined and to get from A to B you will need a mode of transport. The best option is a scooter to save time and money, but taxis or day trip cars drivers are also available.

You’ll only need a few days there. I would recommend 2 nights on Lembongan and include a day or afternoon trip over to Ceningan during that time. For Penida I would recommend 3-4 nights. 



From Serangan Port on mainland Bali you can take the Bluewater Express over to the Nusa Islands. You can take the boat to either Nusa Lembongan or Nusa Penida. Nusa Ceningan is more accessible via the Yellow Bridge on Lembongan and in my opinion is best to do as a day trip during your stay in Lembongan – more on that later.  

This post is all about where to stay, eat and play on Nusa Lembongan.

The boat to Nusa Lembongan takes approximately 30 minutes time and costs around 450,000 to 500,000 IDR (£20-25). You can book tickets via the Bluewater Express site here.


Like the rest of Indonesia, the places you can stay vary from super budget to super luxurious, so depending on preference and your budget, here are a few places to stay during your trip to Lembongan. One is luxury, one more affordable and one perfect for those on a budget.

Budget stay: The Omah 

This place will cost you less than £10 per night for a room. It provides wifi, air conditioning and breakfast upon request. Located amongst the popular tourists spots such as Dream Beach, Yellow Bridge and Crystal Bay.

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Affordable: Koji https://clomidonlinepct.com Garden Huts

Located on the west side of Lembongan, this boutique tree-filled rustic hut accommodation is perfect for those on a budget wanting to stay close by to most attractions. Only 10 minute drive from the harbour as well as Devil’s Tear and popular restaurants, it’s ideal if you like to be in the centre of it all.

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Luxury: Tamarind Resort

For a 5-star hotel, Tamarind Resort is a popular choice. Set on Jangut Batu Beach with an outdoor pool, restaurants and luxury rooms, this hotel is perfect for experiencing a little slice of heaven during your stay on the island. The hotel boasts minimalistic modern interiors, views of Mount Agung and world-class service. 

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1. Hire a scooter – Lembongan is a pretty big island and to cover ground you will need a scooter. You can get them from your accommodation or from local rental stores. A scooter costs around £3-4 per day.

2. Devils Tear – the famous spot on Lembongan. I recommend walking around to the right side for the most insane natural pools and view.

3. Dream Beach – a small bay enclosed by cliffs with crystal clear waters. You can cliff jump here as well as snorkel the beautiful reefs.

4. Mushroom Bay – a more quiet family spot with a rocky shore. Situated just east of the harbour and a great place to grab a chilled out lunch. 

5. Sandy Bay – probably one of the most secluded spots on the island. Only 8km of sandy white coastline and a beach bar for drinks and food. A must if you love a kicked back afternoon swimming and relaxing on the beach.

6. Yellow Bridge – From Nusa Lembongan you take the Yellow Bridge across to Nusa Ceningan – literally takes 30 seconds – and you’re there.


1. The Bar Next Door – a cool surf bar with good affordable drinks and food. There is a pool table for entertain lovely staff. The Nasi Goreng from here was the best on the island.

2. Ginger & Jamu – the perfect sunset restaurant. They serve up something for all, from chilled beers and cocktails to veggie bowls and meaty burgers. With a laid back atmosphere and a feel good menu, it’s the perfect dinner spot.

3. Warung Putu – this place is always busy and no wonder why. If you’re looking for great local cuisine with affordable prices, here is the answer. 

4. Hai Bar & Grill – for something a bit more fancy, Hai Bar & Grill is the spot. They serve up pizza and seafood with great views of Mushroom Beach.


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See you on the flip side.