Supporting sustainable businesses has many benefits. Vegan beauty is a new age of skincare, makeup, and alike products. Vegan beauty commits to using all non-animal ingredients. It is a step forward towards sustainability and ultimately, better products.

Some brands are beginning to create vegan products while other cosmetic treatments, such as FUE hair transplant, don’t have to. The treatment is fully vegan and restores lost or thinning hair better than any alternative product. However, since not all brands have made the switch to vegan, you need to know which is which. The following 7 vegan beauty brands below are those that are worth every dollar and are 100% vegan.

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Not only do these brands exist for a good cause. But, they are giving back. Hence, it is beneficial to support them. For the good of the world. As well as for the health of your skin, well-being, and lifestyle.

If your aim is to be sustainable and cruelty-free too, then why not support their goals and work together.

Products that are 100% vegan are free from honey, beeswax, gelatine, carmine, cholesterol, squalene, lanolin, collagen, and stearic acid. The absence of these ingredients generally means the products are free from harmful chemicals.

The benefits of vegan beauty products

You may be questioning why switch to vegan beauty products if you already have products you love and cherish. There are indeed many benefits.

7 vegan beauty brands to know and support

Some brands are beginning to create vegan products. Yet, some brands are not fully vegan. The following 7 vegan beauty brands are those that are worth the dollar and are 100% vegan.


Cover FX is a US-based makeup brand that uses all high-performance ingredients. Its main beauty competitors on the market are not close to being vegan, which is why Cover FX stands outs. Each product comes in different formulations, helping consumers align their needs to the products. The brand targets all skin types and desires. This allows customers to try everything and not be left out.

Their bestsellers include the setting sprays for all skin types, skin-perfecting primers and illuminating skin drops that offer the ultimate glow.


Antipodes are a certified vegan beauty brand from New Zealand. Not only are they plant-powered, but their products are award-winning. The CEO has a background in science, which is reflected in the brand. All products go through strict scientific testing to ensure safety and the best results. This makes them innovative, unique, and powerful.

They have a beautiful range of masks, serums and creams which promote intense hydration. Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Mask is a go to for nourishment and rejuvenating stressed skin.


Inika is an organic, vegan, and cruelty-free https://ordersomapill.com Australian makeup brand. By removing all harmful chemicals from the ingredients list, vegan makeup is a healthy option. Both for your skin and the environment. Most ingredients are botanical. If not, they are naturally and ethically sourced from Australian landscapes.

Inika’s makeup range boasts foundations, mascaras, brushes and more. Due to the demand, Inika has recently launched a skincare range. This consists of creams, exfoliators, and lotions. Find more from their range below.


Lumene is a Finnish brand, inspired by the beautiful landscapes and Nordic Women. All ingredients are wild-crafted and sustainable and cater to the needs of their customers.

They source their inspiration and ingredients from freshwater lakes and natural springs across the country. These are thoughtfully curated and sourced to promote nourishment and regeneration for all skin. Lumene’s glow products are the best sellers and there’s no wonder why. The Nordic C Valo Glow Boost Essence is incredibly hydrating and repairing. Whilst the Beauty Serums are purposefully created to apply before makeup for the ultimate glow. Shop more from their glow and repair ranges below.


Milk Makeup is a cool, experimental, and fun brand born in New York City. They fundamentally sell 100% vegan makeup. That is where their story began. Now, they also sell a variety of vegan skincare products since there. was such a demand from their customer base. They have won numerous awards for their range and unique products such as the Vegan Milk Moisturizer and Hydro Grip Primer.

If you’re into makeup, Milk’s Flex Concealer and latest KUSH Fiber Brow Gel are a must-try!


skyn ICELAND is a vegan and cruelty-free brand that provides skincare for stressed skin. As you may get from the name, they are based in Iceland. From there, the maker’s source all-natural and sustainable ingredients. The ingredients are typically sourced from their mineral-rich waters, soothing algae, and antioxidant berries. Each product is packaged in recyclable materials, making the brand 100% sustainable from inside out.

Their best sellers include products that you can use daily, which in fact is most. But the Cooling Lotion, Eye Patches and Nordic Skin Peel are a few I would highly recommend. All are formulated with paraben, sulfate and silicone-free ingredients to help you achieve your skin, but better. Shop more favorites here.


YOPE is a Polish vegan beauty brand specializing in body care products. All ingredients are skin-safe and environmentally friendly. Ensuring that they will give your skin, and the earth, the care it needs. All products from their Body Lotions to Hand Creams are formulated with top-grade plant extracts and natural ingredients.

What sets YOPE apart from other personal body care brands is that they are 100% vegan whilst being super affordable. Each product is under £10. Shop their adult and children’s range below.

It is easy to be a creature of habit. To stick with the same brands because you’re used to their products. Not enough of us branch out to find new businesses. This cycle stunts the growth of new upcoming brands. Especially those seeking a change in the beauty industry. To take a step forward with beauty technology and production.

Thus, taking a step forward and supporting these 7 vegan beauty brands will help them grow and expand the presence of animal-free vegan beauty.

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