7 Ways To Make Your Business More Accessible

It’s actually incredibly easy to make your business more accessible. Today, there are more solutions and guidance available than ever before. It’s just a matter of putting it into practice. Here’s what to do. 

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Train Your Team

The first part of making your business more accessible is to train your team. People on your staff should know how to interact with disabled customers and clients, and help them navigate your premises. It is particularly important that colleagues can show people with disabilities how to get around and use your products and services. 

Add Disabled People To Your Marketing Team

The next step is to add disabled people to your marketing team. They’ll be able to give you input as to how you can improve accessibility and appeal more to disabled customers. Remember, many people may be reluctant to entertain the idea of your business because they’re not able to get around. Having people who understand these issues on your team can help tremendously. 

Add Subtitles To Your Videos

Not everyone who interacts with your firm’s marketing will be able to hear sound on videos. Around 8 percent of the population has some sort of hearing impairment.

Fortunately, adding subtitles is dead simple to do, and it can make a world of difference for somebody who is living with a hearing impairment. 

Add Lifts

While stairs are the primary way that people transit between floors on your premises, they’re not always helpful for people who have mobility issues. For instance, it’s virtually impossible for a wheelchair user to climb stairs (even just one or two). 

That’s why so many brands are now installing lifts on their premises, even if it is just to move people between the ground and first floors. Firms, such as Sheridan Lifts, can install lifts on your premises in a bespoke manner, without the need to change the structure of the building. 

Make Your Office Spaces More Accessible

Disabled staff may struggle to move around your office, particularly if there are steps or narrow gangways. Remedy this by adding ramps and leaving more space between desks. If you have a disabled person working in your organisation, place their desk closest to access points, kitchens and other amenities. 

Ask For Suggestions

You don’t have to go it alone when it comes to making your business more accessible. In fact, nothing is stopping you from going to colleagues and customers and asking them for suggestions. They should be able to tell you immediately what they need to make it easier to access aspects of your business. Once you get feedback, you can put it into action. 

Educate Yourself On The Latest Standards

The needs of disabled people evolve over time, and so does accessibility technology. If you want your business to be as accessible as possible, educate yourself on the latest standards. Find out what’s happening in the accessibility space and figure out how your firm can join in. By keeping up to date, you can improve your branding and enhance customer experience.