Welcome to my guide of Nusa Penida. Probably my favourite of the Nusa islands for it’s famous sunsets, adventurous things to do and laid back evening island vibe. 

Each day brings something different on the island from stunning beaches, majestic waterfalls and well worth it hikes (yes you probably guessed it already, I’m talking about Kelingking) to taking in the nature and beauty of the landscapes and culture. 

This is an island for the adventurous. With plenty to do from hiking and walking in surreal waterfalls and natural pools to snorkelling with manta rays and experiencing unique beaches.

In this post I’ve covered my favourite things to do, great places to stay and eat whether you’re on a budget or looking to treat yourself. Nusa Penida is an island accommodating to all so there’s something for everyone.



Budget: Tropical Garden Inn

If you’re on a budget and looking for a place to stay that is comfortable and in a great location, Tropical Garden Inn is a great choice. It will set you back less than £10 per night and comes with a double bed, private bathroom, AC and wifi. All the basics you need and it’s pocket friendly.

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Affordable: Sunset Hill Cottage

Set at the top of the hill north of Penida is an accommodation made up of 6 huts overlooking the island. A simple yet comfortable accommodation with air conditioning, outside seatings areas and simple complimentary room service breakfast. Great for the price.

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LuxuryJungle Paradise

For an accommodation with more facilities and a lot more comfort, Jungle Paradise is highly recommended for the price. The rooms are chalets, meaning you get your own private and spacious stay, with an open-air bathroom and free breakfast. There is pool on site for guests and boasts a little bit more of the luxury living on the island.

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1. Peguyangan Waterfall – my favourite and most recommended thing to do. This waterfall is known for its Instagram famous blue stairs and crashing waves. The spot boasts a waterfall as well as natural pools for you to get into at the bottom. The stairs are well worth the hike and it’s free to enter.

2. Manta Point – with a clifftop view over the clear blue ocean, you can watch the manta rays all day long. A lot of the time there will be snorkelers swimming alongside them which is great to watch or take part in.

3. Angels Billabong – not many places in the world will you see a natural infinity pool, so this is a definite must see. Located on the Southwestern side of Nusa Penida, this looks out into the ocean where you can also spot Manta Point. It’s also located just a few minute walk from Broken Beach so it’s good to do these on the same trip.

4. Broken Beach – with panoramic views of the ocean, you could sit here and admire it for hours. This natural pool was created by sea abrasion and collapsed limestone millions of years ago, creating a circular shape cave like tunnel under the rock bridge the opposite side.

5. Tembeling Forest & Pool – this is a freshwater pool at the bottom of a forest. One so refreshing and fun as you can jump into it from the wall cheap ativan no prescription behind. For the adventurous you can jump from high up into it’s fresh waters, or admire and enjoy from in the pool itself. Further down into the forest you’ll be greeted with a smaller natural pool and beach. This gets fairly busy after midday so I suggest going in the morning.

6. Kelingking – probably the most famous spot on Nusa Penida, Kelingking. You can only reach the beach by hiking down its steep cliff. The walk isn’t as bad as some people say, and if you preserve and keep going it’ll only take you 20 minutes down and around the same time back up – but only if you go for sunrise. If you go any later in the morning/day you will be greeted with tour groups and tonnes of tourists that will slow down the hike. The experience at the bottom is even more rewarding than the beautiful view from the top. If you get there early enough you can even be the first ones down for the day.

7. Diamond Beach – a must visit beach on the island. After a short walk down you’ll discover the most beautiful bay of white sands, inviting waters and you can even swing over the ocean. Some don’t hike down if the tide is high, but the view from the top is so beautiful to.

8. Thousand Islands Viewpoint & Treehouse – a serious wow moment in Nusa Penida. After 124 steep steps down you’ll be greeted with a beautiful view of the coastline and it’s many secluded islands. Along the path is a treehouse all on itself, one you can even stay at if you wish. The view is spectacular and waking up to this would be a dream (if you would wish to hike the steps every morning and night).

9. Crystal Bay – this is one of the most popular beaches on the island for a very good reason. Here you will find the best sunset. With a number of food and drinks stalls, you can set yourself up for a good couple of hours and watch the sun go down.


The main area for restaurants is along the main road north of the island called Jl. Ped Buyuk. There are lots of cuisines to choose from, all with competitive prices and stunning views of the horizon. Here are my favourite few.

Penida Colada – if you like eating/drinking the day away with a view this is where to head. They offer all day breakfast, great cocktails, smoothies and bowls as well as international favourites.

Penida Beach Bar – a laid back pool/beach bar. You can rock up, spend 30K (£1.50) on a coconut and stay all day to enjoy the pool. 

Summer Shack – a friendly Asian restaurant offering amazing Thai & Indonesian food.

The OSH Bali Beach Club – a restaurant with a great menu and a great view. This cosy casual beach club is perfect for families and couples, with a pool as well it having beach access.

There are lots of places along this main stretch of road where you can find cheap local eats to such as Mee or Nasi Goreng. Just like accommodation, there are lots of budget friendly options.

From the Nusa islands you can catch the Bluewater Express back to mainland Bali. You can find tickets here.

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