9 Tips To Reduce Stress As A Business Owner

There’s much to love about running your own business. You get to be your own boss, put your ideas into practice, and make a positive impact on the world. However, it would be wrong to suggest that it’s all positive. There are, of course, downsides. For instance, it’s hard; if it wasn’t, then everyone would start a business. And this can make the job pretty stressful from time to time. While a little bit of stress can be beneficial, if there’s too much stress, then you’ll need to take action. Stress can have long-term negative consequences if it’s left to develop.

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In this blog, we’re going to look at some useful tips for putting stress behind you.

Start the Day Well

You’ll feel much better about your work if you feel that you’re in a position to accomplish all the tasks. How well you’re able to do this will depend on how you start the day. If you’re arriving at the office still half-asleep and low in energy, then everything will be much more difficult. On the other hand, if you arrive ready to go, then you’ll find that you can take care of business. 

So what is involved in starting the day well? Getting a good night’s sleep is key. In the morning, a little bit of exercise, a good breakfast, a cold shower, and meditation will all help to make your body and mind alert and ready for action. All these tasks are pretty straightforward, but they can give you a huge advantage.

Get Organized

You’ll feel much better if it feels like you’re holding the ball rather than chasing it. A simple way to feel more in control is to up your organization game. If you know everything that you’ve got to do and have a structure to your day that allows you to hit all those targets, then you’ll achieve much more. You can help yourself even further by putting all your most important tasks first. If you get them out of the way early on, then you’ll end the day knowing that, if nothing else, at least you managed to complete the essential tasks. 

Hire Self-Starters

Your employees can help to take your business to the next level. However, it’s important to remember that they only can do this; it’s not a guarantee. In some cases, your staff might cause you to experience even more stress. That’ll be the case if you continually have to look over their shoulder, correct their work, and all-around manage every element of their work. On the other hand, if you hire self-starters, then you’ll be able to focus on your own tasks, secure in the knowledge that your team is working well. Bringing these people on board will depend on the quality of your hiring process. If you’re not currently getting good employees, then make some improvements. 

Celebrate the Victories

Business owners can feel stress when they think of the things that aren’t working as well as they could or should be. But it’s important to remember that your company’s downsides don’t tell the whole picture; they probably only tell a small part of the picture. It’s likely that you have a lot of things that are working well for your business, so be sure to focus on them as much as you do the negative points. You’ll feel stress to a much smaller degree if you know that 90% of your business is working as it should do. 

Free Up Your Time

The cause of stress often isn’t the tasks that you have to complete, but the lack of time in which you have to complete them. So why not look at freeing up some of your time? There are many ways to do this, including managing your schedule well, but the best method is to take some of the tasks off your plate and put them on someone else’s. There’s no shortage of tasks that you can outsource. Rather than answering all your phone calls yourself, which would interrupt your concentration, you can have a company like Ruby Receptionist answer them for you. It can also be worthwhile outsourcing your accounting, marketing, and IT needs. You’ll be amazed at just how much time you gain once you’re no longer in charge of all these jobs.

Daily Habits 

It’s worthwhile looking at your working schedule and incorporating some positive habits that’ll reduce stress. When we’re stressed, we usually avoid taking breaks — but this actually causes us to feel more stress, not less. Don’t forget that there’s an upper limit to how much you can work in one sitting. Throughout the day, look at taking walks, stopping for lunch/coffee, and finding ways to incorporate moments of joy. Sometimes, all we need is a little bit of a breather! 

Cut Off Times

You might want to work twelve-hour days each day, but at some point or another, it’ll all become too much. You can’t function at that level forever! To reduce stress, improve your work, and keep your sanity, it’s important that you set a time at which you stop working each day. Once that time arrives, you’ll exit work mode and begin to do things that relax your body and mind.

Set Boundaries 

It’s bad enough to feel stressed because of all the demands that you’re putting on yourself. But it’s even worse to feel stress because of the demands that other people are putting on you. One of the best gifts you can give yourself as a business owner — in fact, as a person — is learning the art of saying no. You may want to say yes, but think about how much time and energy you’re losing by agreeing to all those requests.


Finally, be sure to practice self-care. You’ll feel stress to a much lesser degree if you feel that you’re at your absolute best. So be sure to eat well, get plenty of exercise, rest, and all-around look after your physical and mental health.