A 101 On How To Avoid Travel Packing Mistakes

If you love travelling, you definitely know how a bad packing job can mess up your look, upset other travellers or locals, and compromise your travel plans. Many travellers wish they could simply wake up and set off to their preferred travel destinations without bothering about packing and other travel essentials, but that is mostly wishful thinking. Your best (and most realistic option) is to learn how to pack more efficiently. And this is especially important if you’re a heavy traveller or making your travel plans for the first time. So, do you see everything as essentials and therefore you struggle to get your all things into your suitcase? Do you dread the embarrassment of your luggage bursting open at the airport? Then, here are some packing mistakes you should avoid. 

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Waiting until the last minute to pack

One of the best ways to avoid making mistakes is by giving yourself enough time to pack properly. Last-minute packing in haste always means that you’re bound to make some mistakes or forget some essential packing essentials. And this happens even to the most experienced travellers. So, give yourself enough time to consider every important thing you will need on your trip – with special emphasis on “important.” Take the time to think and rethink your preferred outfits and make all the needed removals and inclusions without the added stress that comes with running out of time.

Not packing your essentials first

Depending on the reason behind your trip, there are certain things you will consider essentials. For example, if you’re going on a business trip, your essentials may include your work files. No matter your trip’s purpose, always make sure that you pack the most important things first. Also, find better ways to pack smaller items like keys, ID cards, accreditation cards, etc. For example, you can opt for lanyards to help you keep your keys and such cards more organised. 

Dragging a mini-pharmacy along

It is crucial to have a first-aid kit with you, along with some basic medical supplies. But there is no need to have a separate bag full of so many drugs and first aid supplies unless you have specific medical prescriptions from your doctor or need some drugs you cannot find at your travel destination. Otherwise, pack a few medical essentials, and you should be good to go. Plus, most international airports have pharmacies or drugstores that contain the essential stuff you need. So, you can instead opt to buy your medical supplies on arrival, as doing so will help reduce your luggage. 

Failing to pick the right fabric

Most travellers do not consider picking the right fabric to be that important until it is too late. Adding the right fabric to your travel pack can easily be the difference between having a great vacation and looking sloppy and unpolished. Packing the right fabric will also save you a lot of time and money on steaming, dry cleaning, and ironing. The best cheap real xanax online fabric to choose will depend on where you’re going. If you’re visiting a country with warm weather, you can opt for silk and cotton clothes. If your destination has cooler weather, you can do with some wool, cashmere, or knit materials. Also, make it a point to make your travel wardrobe as practical as you can. For example, if you’re expecting a lot of rain at your destination, it only makes sense to carry a pair of rain boots with a waterproof jacket along. 

Not properly wrapping containers of liquid

Altitude and air pressure change as a plane takes off. And these changes can affect containers of liquid products. For example, the varying air pressure can cause your bottle of shampoo to contract and expand accordingly, which can lead to a lot of mess if they’re not properly packaged. To prevent this, ensure that you place all your containers or liquid products in plastic zip-locked backed and separated from your other stuff. Still, on packing liquid products, it can be very disheartening realising that you cannot travel with your favourite bottle of shampoo because the airport’s TSA checkpoint finds you measured way beyond the required levels for packing liquids. So, take the time to find out if your liquids meet the required limits. 

Overlooking versatile clothing options

Versatile clothes may not be the most eye-catching or fashionable articles of clothing out there. But when it comes to ease and convenience, they come in pretty handy. Plus, they’ll also ensure that you do not overpack your luggage. Clothing options like tanked clothes, t-shirts, cardigans, and typical blue jeans can always offer the dressing versatility you might need. You can also throw in a couple of chic scarves for good measure if you’re a lady and say goodbye to the “I have nothing to wear” problem.

Not properly packing your shoes

Many people have a problem when it comes to packing their shoes. Instead of tossing them on top of your packed stuff, ensure that your shoes go to the bottom of the bag, along with other heavy items. Also, always ensure that you neatly cover them with plastic or place them in shoe bags to ensure that they do not soil the rest of your stuff. It would be best if you also limit yourself to three shoes for different purposes. First, pick a pair of walking shoes or sandals for your casual days. Next, choose your executive shoes. And finally, add a pair of flip-flops if you’re heading over to a beach location. 

Carrying two travelling bags or backpacks

One of the most common mistakes rookies make is travelling with two separate bags – usually a large one and an additional smaller bag. That often causes a lot of inconveniences, especially when you need to get on public transport. Your best option will be to opt for a large suitcase that comes with wheels, as this will make movement a lot easier.