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You say brunch, I say of course.

Whenever and wherever coffee and breakfast is involved, I’m there. Even better when its smashed avo on toast right?

I am the kind of person to look forward to the weekend purely for the fact that brunch is not only closer to my tum, but also the fact that if you try and do it mid-week, it’s just not the same. Brunch is and always will be my favourite meal. I’m a real fiend for breakfasty foods and I couldn’t resist a brunch during my recent stay in Southampton, could I? 

On our first morning in Southampton, for pre-exploring fuel and to satisfy my brunch needs, we headed to Docks Coffee*. Little did we realise just how close this was to our hotel (we stayed at room2 which you can read all about here), so it was the ideal spot. It’s located on Oxford Street. That’s in Southampton not London just to clear that up – yes, I got a little confused to. 

From the exterior you can tell straight away that this place is going to have a very rustic, cosy yet funky interior. Even from its name ‘Docks’, it was apparent that the interior and experience would be based on the boat/harbour scene that Southampton is very well known for. I absolutely love the fact it is so on trend to the city’s history. 

* This post includes a complimentary/gifted meal, all opinions are 100% honest/my own *

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Let’s get to the good stuff. The food. 

I was quite hangry on this particular morning. I usually eat breakfast around 8am but as it was the weekend and we had an amazing lie in at room2 around the corner, we didn’t arrive till 10.30 and I was so ready for a big brunch. A big brunch it was. 

I ordered an almond cappuccino and Ollie ordered an almond latte. Coffee was top priority after feeling groggy from the night before *oops* and it was exactly what I needed. Two big old shots in a large mug did the trick in no time. 

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We both ordered the same, https://cheaplevitrapill.com smashed avocado and eggs on toast. Mine was gluten free bread and I was amazed at just how GF friendly this little hidden gem is. They also serve an array of GF granola, bread and sweet treats. I don’t usually go for fried eggs over poached but poached wasn’t actually on the menu, but these were just as good (if not better – how I’ve missed eggs like this). I’m very particular about my eggs and it’s safe to say every last bite was gone.

We were hangry before we came and had particularly big appetites so, we went up for seconds. It was the weekend after all…

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There was a whole show of cakes from brownies, donuts, cinnamon buns to fresh out of the oven cakes (half of which were vegan), which were too hard to resist. We both wanted to try the vegan Carrot Cake, which was made by the owner of the café herself. I’ve never tasted a carrot cake quite like it if I’m honest. It was pure heaven. The icing, the sponge, the flavour. Oh my, I could eat it all again. We also couldn’t leave without trying a smoothie as I love having a juice with my brunch. We went for their Summer Cup smoothie to share and sharing size it was. The glass was almost as big as my head and I certainly wasn’t complaining, we finished it all. It was filled with fresh melon, mango and strawberries. 

It was such a delight trying out the brunch at Docks Coffee as I know how big the Soton foodie scene is. It didn’t disappoint and next time I’m in Southampton, I am so going back. It’s one of those places when I look back at the pictures and mouth-drool. Yep, it’s happening again…

P.s. if you like funky interiors and feeling like you’ve gone back in time, check out the toilets. Just saying. 

Thank you so much for hosting us Docks Coffee. We left quite the opposite of hangry and all set for the day.

What’s your go to brunch order?

M x