akatoki = sunrise.

// the feeling of pure rejuvenation and readiness for a positive day ahead.

Akatoki” is exactly how you feel after your stay at The Prince Akatoki London. Simple, effortless, and faultless in its design, hospitality, and comfort.

This luxury 5-star hotel in Marble Arch is a Japanese inspired sanctuary. From the moment you step through the door, you feel invited and relaxed. Prince Akatoki invites its guests to slow down, breathe, and unclutter their minds. The hotel is a place to recuperate and unwind, morning, afternoon, and night.

All 82 rooms are intricately designed to portray Japanese culture, which is minimal and mindful. Each room comes with its own bespoke furnishings and sensory elements to immerse its guests in tranquility and comfort. The super large beds, fresh sheets, and at-home like living space make you feel like you are in a home away from home.

We stayed in the One Bedroom Suite (as pictured), which comes with beautiful and elegant individual rooms. Including a kitchen with all necessary amenities, wardrobe space, and a small seating area, which makes the suite feel like a true at-home living space.

The One Bedroom Suite also has its own living order tramadol ultram online room, king-size bedroom, and bathroom. All of which come with their own TV and comforting furnishings. There is even a TV in the bath for you to enjoy. Who can say no to an hour-long soak in the tub to fully unwind?

The design is not the only reason The Prince Akatoki London is set apart from other hotels. Their hospitality, warm welcomes, zen vibes, and small touches are all so well thought out, showing they truly care about their guest’s experience.

Hotel amenities include a spacious gym, bar, and fine-dining fusion restaurant. If you wish to stay in the room the entire time, I would absolutely understand why you can work out and dine from the comfort of your room. All rooms come equipped with a yoga mat and room-service is available. Discover more about their fusion restaurant TOKii here.

A one night stay at The Prince Akatoki London was well-needed after this crazy year. I could stay there for a lifetime is life was that kind.

Book your stay at Prince Akatoki here. Rooms start from £240/night.

Room shown is a One Bedroom Suite (from £670/night). This post is a gifted collaboration with The Prince Akatoki London.