A Pet Owner’s Guide To Travel

Most pet owners assume that travelling with their dog is out of the question from the start. But it turns out that you actually have many more options than you might think, particularly if you stay in your home country. 

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In this guide, we discuss everything you need to know if you want to go on vacation with your beloved animal. 

How To Travel By Car

Travelling with a dog long distances by car can bring up a host of challenges. Here are some of the ways you can deal with them. 

How To Travel By Plane

As you might expect, travelling with a dog by plane is a little more complicated. Here’s what you need to know: 

Health And Safety Checks

Before you even set off on your trip, you’ll want to make sure that your pet has a clean bill of health. Ensure that all vaccinations are up to date. And make sure that you bring all the paperwork confirming your pup’s good health with you. 

If you can bring all your dog’s regular food with them so that there are no unexpected changes during the trip that could make them sick. And consider investing in a quality harness if you are going to do a lot of sightseeing, as suggested by the Dog Friendly Co

Finally, prepare yourself for possible emergencies. Before you travel, find the location of the nearest vet walk-in clinic so that your pet can get the help that they need if they fall sick. 


When travelling with your dog, crates are essential. They help keep your pet contained and prevent them from running all over the place in airports and busy terminals. 

When choosing a crate, be sure to pick one with a leak-proof base, just in case your pet has an accident. Also, be sure to label the crate with the words “live animal” just in case airport staff mistake it for regular luggage. Lastly, check that the crate is big enough to allow your dog to turn around, particularly if you are taking a long trip.