When I’m visiting new places my first thought is, ‘where is the good food at?’. I don’t know about you but I love doing my research into the hottest food spots of the place I’m visiting, especially when it’s travelling to a different country. I’m not particular adventurous when it comes to trying new foods, but I do like to get stuck into the national cuisine.

I can sometimes spend hours sometimes finding the best places. I’m that person who will read reviews, search and search and always check out their social accounts to see what the food, drinks and venue actually looks like. I love a pretty place to eat that’s for sure. Spending time searching the best spots is always worth it isn’t it? If you’re going all that way, you have to try the specialties or the best food the place has to offer.

In Stockholm we were very spoilt for choice. Around every corner there was a new food place we wanted to try. They catered for all taste buds that’s for certain. I need to go back just to try out more restaurants because 3 days wasn’t enough to try every one, my jean buttons hated me by the end of the trip.

Whilst in Stockholm were kindly invited to try the menu at Downtown Camper*, the restaurant known as Campfire inside Stockholm’s Scandic Hotel located just 10 minutes from where we were staying. After having a quick look over menu and seeing pictures of the interior on their Instagram, I knew it was a definite yes from me. The menu served every kind of food I look for when looking for food spots, so I was pretty much sold straight away. They served all sorts of food from vegetarian, fish, meat and vegan to oh-so dreamy desserts. A good menu always stands out to me straight away and when I noticed 90% of their dishes come or can be requested to be gluten and/or lactose free I knew it was fate.

Not only did the menu look great, it tasted even better. Let me tell you more. I know you’re going to want to hear it.

First up, scandi interiors are to die for. I’m a real sucker for a good interior, especially when greenery and plants are involved and DownTown Camper had it all. The entrance into the Scandic Hotel is furnished with beautiful woods and plants, with minimalistic seating and lighting, and this design followed into the restaurant. With beautiful wooden tables, a burning fire and hanging plants, the ambiance is just perfect. We went for food around dinnertime and it was the perfect place to warm up after a freezing cold day outside. The temperatures in Stockholm hit a crazy -17 degrees Celsius during our stay, yes we were like ice cubes and a warm cosy dinner was just what we needed for our last night.

Whilst being in Stockholm I hadn’t tried any fish, although I know its Sweden speciality. Everyone told me to try it so I just had to didn’t I. As it was the evening we ate from https://janesaddiction.org/inderal-online/ their A La Carte menu, but they also have a lunch menu if you’re looking for a daytime feast. For starters I went for the spicy tuna tacos* that were fiery yet delicious. They were served ‘raw’ and like nothing I tried before. The mix of tuna, wasabi, onions and nachos just melted in the mouth. Ollie tried their Hot Dogs*, which come as mini sized ones (so cute) with Dijon mustard, roasted onions, salsa and avocado – oh my they were incredible.

As I say, I didn’t try any fish whilst being there so I thought why the heck not order fish for my main to. Anyway, I couldn’t resist the Cod* so I just went for it. This was served with lactose free hollandaise sauce (who knew this could work so well with fish?!), spinach and new baby potatoes. When people say to try the fish in Stockholm I now know why. Not only is it so darn fresh, it tastes so different to anything I’ve had at home. The standard of food in Stockholm is ‘perfekt’, as the Swedish would say. For mains, Ollie went for the Campfire Cheese burger* and although it was huge, he said it was too good to leave any. It looks so good doesn’t it? Their burger comes with cheddar cheese (lactose free cheese if preferred), spicy mayo, pickles and french fries. I have to say (although they weren’t mine, oops) that the fries were amazing. Think the best fries you’ve had, times ten. Ooh, yum!

Full to the brim but not willing to miss out on their dessert menu, I chose the Meringue Mess ‘Cashew Cravings’*, served with lactose free ice cream, roasted cashews, fried pineapple (heaven) and lf sauce. I was so full, to the point I thought I might burst, but I finished it as it was too good to leave any. I’m also greedy, but sh let’s keep that secret. Ollie went with the Cinnamon Churros*, which seemed to be their speciality as everyone was ordering them and I see why. They’re served warm with ice cream and chocolate sauce to dip into and again, they were too good to leave any.

Bellies full? Check. The best end to an amazing trip? Check.

Thinking about it, I could so eat it all again right now.

Thank you so much to Downtown Camper and their Campfire restaurant for having us. The menu, service and overall restaurant was my favourite meal of the trip and I highly recommend visiting if you visit Stockholm. It’s pretty central and a great evening for a date or a whole group of you. Their wine list is pretty damn fab to. We soon polished off a bottle of Pinot with our meal.

Check out their hotel, restaurant and more here.

Have you tried Swedish cuisine? Good isn’t it? Mmm.



* This post contains a paid for meal. All opinions are my own *