Affordable And Minimalistic Home Decor Upgrades

You don’t need to perform a full renovation just to make some cool changes to your home. A lot of people tend to overspend when it comes to changing up their home, but then they start to regret it because they’re wasting a lot of money on unnecessary things. So in this post, we’re going to tell you about some of the most affordable yet impactful home upgrades that you can make this year.

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LED lighting

Whether you fix the lighting under your cabinets, behind your TV, or even behind your bed headrest, LED lights are simple to install, easy to replace, and super affordable. They’re great for creating mood lighting and can be practical as well, such as lighting up the area under your cabinets so you can see what you’re doing when cooking at night.

Floating shelves

Installing a floating shelf is arguably one of the simplest ways to turn a boring wall into something more interesting and functional. Floating shelves are small, easy to install, and can add a surprising amount of space for decorative purposes, or just to add more storage. They can also be used to fill up an empty wall, making it a great dual-purpose home decor upgrade that really pulls its weight.

Unique lighting options

Most of us would be fine having a simple lamp on our ceiling, but why not consider something a little more classy such as a Murano glass chandelier? Yes, it can seem a little expensive at first, but if you’re going for a more upscale and traditional look for your home, then this can be a fantastic upgrade that we can’t recommend enough. It transforms rooms, it sparkles whenever there’s light, and it just takes your rooms to a whole new level.

Cord organiser box

A simple box is all it takes to hide all of your loose cables. These cord organiser boxes are inexpensive and you can even make one yourself if you prefer. They’re essentially small boxes where you can place extension cables, essentially hiding most of the chunky power plugs so that all you’re left with are cables running in and out of the box. It manages cables, keeps unsightly plugs out the way, and you can even put things on top of the box.

Entryway organisers

Entryway organisers are really simple upgrades that don’t cost much at all. In its simplest form, it’s just a small floating shelf with hangers. You can put keys, mail, and other things on the shelf, and you can even hang tote bags or even place a little bench beneath it. It’s the perfect piece of entryway furniture and serves a fantastic purpose.

Hopefully, this post has shown that you don’t need to spend an arm and a leg just to upgrade your home. There are plenty of inexpensive decor upgrades that you can have for less, and you don’t need to spend ludicrous amounts of money just to make your home look a little nicer.