Some may call Uluwatu the more expensive, luxurious part of Bali. In many ways it can be, but it’s totally budget friendly if you want it to be. 

The accommodation and eating out prices can be a little higher than other parts of Bali. But like most places, there are also a lot of affordable options in Uluwatu. The Ulu’s provides something for everybody. Whether that be a luxury holiday in the sun, adventure days and party nights, it’s got it all. 

The best place to stay for being accessible to most spots is along the southwest coast. Here you’ll find all the best restaurants, bar and accommodation and get the best out of the true Ulu kick-back-and-relax way of life.

Uluwatu is a definite must visit spot if you want to see amazing cliffside views, chill out in true boho Bali style and also have the opportunity to eat and drink your heart out. It’s home to some of Bali’s most fancy restaurants and pool clubs so keep some money aside if you want to experience those. They’re not crazy expensive, just more expensive than other places you may visit in Bali. 

If you’re looking to eat and drink the day away, you won’t go short of places here.


If you’ve searched Uluwatu on Instagram then you’ll probably have seen that incredible cliffside pool bar/club with the huge square centrepiece. Yes, this is it. They serve cocktails, food and amazing views. If you fancy treating yourself in true Ulu style, this is where to come. The sunset from here is incredible.


This is my favourite bar in Uluwatu. It has a much more chilled atmosphere than Omnia and serves up even more beautiful views. They have a pool for guests to use and a lot of space for you to enjoy drinks in private or in large groups. The cocktails are a little more affordable to. 


Again, if you’ve searched Bali restaurants you’d have most probably heard of The Loft. The food does live up to the pictures and it is a great place to go if you fancy a laid back delicious meal. We went back more than once as we wanted to try the entire menu. There are vegetarian and vegans options to. They also have a great cocktail list which runs all day and is the great addition to an evening meal.


For a good night and affordable option my recommendation is Peace Love and Hatch. They serve up amazing Mexican food and cocktails with each day of the week offering a different deal. We were there the evening of £1 tacos. We were taco-ed out by the end of the night and that’s a good way to be. With fun games and interior, it’s the perfect place to kick back with friends. 


Oh, Bali and it’s smoothie bowls. For all of you who love a smoothie bowl or would love to try one in Bali, Nalu Bowls is the spot. Located in a little cove of its with a coffee shop next door, it’s a go to breakfast spot. The bowls are also as tasty as they look. 


I found BGS Bali whilst in Canggu and fell in love with the coffee. So I was very happy to find one in Uluwatu to. They serve one of the best almond milk ice lattes in Bali!

Looking for somewhere to stay in Uluwatu? There are boutique hotels, luxurious resorts as well as budget stays. Find the best spots for your money below.

The Ulus Klumpu

There are plenty of places in Uluwatu to stay if you’re on a budget. From hostels, affordable Airbnb’s and hotels, but this one was recommended most. For its cabin like accommodation, space in the room and private bathroom, it is great for the price. It’s located just a short distance away from Karang Boma Cliff, one of Uluwatu’s most famous cliff view spots. Being on the south of the island there is a great chance for a fabulous sunset every night to.

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Boho Hills Bali

With its rustic boho interior and laid back atmosphere, here is a great spot for a quiet break away. The location is very secluded and is always so peaceful, day and night. The rooms are decorated with wood, seashells and rustic intricate designs giving the space a zen feeling.

The space is minimal and spacious, and each room being separated from the rest with its own garden area out front. It’s very private and the perfect choice if you’re looking for a relaxing, tranquil and intimate stay. On the property there is an infinity pool with various spaces to sit and relax. There is a small kitchen area on site where the staff can prepare you drinks and snacks, as is also where breakfast is held. The accommodation also offers room-service of local cuisine so you don’t have to venture out if you don’t wish. 

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Wyndham Dreamland Resort

This 5-star resort hotel is a bit more central then the others, having great access to all popular areas and things to do. The property features 2 large adult pools, a spa, 2 restaurants and a gym. It’s the perfect place for those that like to have everything in one place and to fully immerse yourself into a luxury moment. The interior of the rooms is minimal and extremely spacious. It’s always great when a hotel room comes with a bath and a shower so you have the option to indulge in a self-pamper moment. 

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