Interior design is something I’d like to say I’m getting the knack of. Once upon a time I never used to give two thoughts to the fact that a plant could bring life to a room, that a cushion could make a sofa that bit prettier or that certain lighting could bring so much light to a space.

I was once quite naïve to how much a simple interior could become a great interior with just a few touches here and there. I didn’t quite grasp the fact that adding or swapping a few items in one room or space could change it entirely.

I grew a burning desire for interior design only late last year and I’m now the kinda girl that will head straight from the home section in a shop before the clothes. I mean, priorities right? I think personalising a space in your house can have a lot more benefits than buying a new top (most times I do both, but lets push that thought aside shall we). Buying bits for the house or even just a room can sometimes seem a bit expensive, but there are some great bargains I’ve found along the way that I think you’re going to love.

So at long last, I’ve finally come to terms with how small tweaks to your interior can bring change, refresh and regenerate spaces in your home with just a few simple items.

My interior eye is always for minimalistic yet statement pieces. I don’t like a room to be completely bare with no character whatsoever. That being said, here are the few pieces (affordable to) that I think have really helped jazz up my space and made it very me.

I’m a real sucker for all things Pinterest and I spend endless hours on there searching for inspiration for all aspects of life, one being interior design. I have not one but many boards of interior inspiration on Pinterest, and over the past few months I’ve brought those inspirations to life in my own space and it feels fab.

One thing I love is a light and airy space. Whether it be a small and tiny or a huge and vast room, as long as there’s enough light, I’m a happy human. Natural light is a must of course, but those evenings where you’re up late or need some extra light means you need a lil help right? Exactly.

I actually really hate ceiling lights, especially in a small room. As my rooms are fairly small, it means I need the right kind of lighting to make the space appear and also feel bigger. Ceiling lights in small rooms always make them feel dimly lit, but there’s something about a lamp sending the light up and outwards that makes the space feel more comforting, spacious and free.

The 2 latest additions to my home are these table lamps from Iconic Lights*. This is a brand I’ve been using for quite some time as I used the more minimal bits for my new office. So, I thought it was about time I got my butt into gear and finish off the other rooms that needed a bit more light loving.

As most of the rooms in the house now consist of white walls, darker furnishings and not too much décor (I am a minimalist fanatic), it meant I needed something statement to add a little depth and difference to the space.

For the bedroom I had an ‘um’ and an ‘ah’ moment for quite a while as I didn’t know whether to go bold or minimal. Go hard or go home? Of course, I went both. How? Makes no sense? Well, let me tell ya.

As the space is pretty small I went for minimal in colour but large in size. This is the Toga White Table Lamp*, a.k.a. the perfect addition to my (pretty much) all-white room. It not only suits the colour scheme but its bold design with white gloss finish gives the room a new edgy but fresh feel. As I say, it’s a pretty large lamp, so it gives off the most warming light in the evenings. Perfect to snuggle up to and watch some films under. I’ve been without good lighting in my room for some time and I didn’t realise quite how much I was straining my poor lil eyes every night. Damn laptop screen.

The next space was a whole new renovation to the house. We wanted a little downstairs refresh and with the new sofa, we of course needed some new décor to go with it. I couldn’t not, could I?

New touches included some word ornaments, plush cushions, a whole lotta fresh flowers, a bookcase (at long last) and yes, some much needed sassy lighting.

When we redecorated the living room, it was clear the lighting was undeniably the one thing that was not quite right still. It needed a revamp, or re-lamp should I say (pardon the unfunny pun).

So for the living room I went chose the Iconic Milne Large Black Honey Pot Lamp*. This is a lamp that makes one heck of a statement. It is v large indeed and just what the unfinished space needed I’d say. Its black and brown honey pot inspired base matches perfectly with the new sofa and contrasts incredibly well with the white space around it. The white shade gives off beautiful soft light in the evenings and again, contrasts so well with the dark base. Love, love, love this final touch to the new living room. My, my, it feels good to have it finished.

Iconic Lights are a brand to cater for all of your lighting needs. Whether it be lamps, ceiling, wall or outdoor lights you’re looking for, they’ve got it all. There’s also a pretty good sale on right now so I wouldn’t miss out if you are also looking to add a lil light to your home. Shop the range here.




* This post is sponsored by Iconic Lights with gifting of the items. All opinions are 100% honest and my own *