Brunch is the best meal of the day. No doubt about it.

Who agrees? (I assume many of foodies, like myself, are nodding your heads right now!). I don’t blame you, brunch is just so scrummy.

I love food, who doesn’t? But if I had to pick my favourite meal it would have to be brunch. I just love all breakfasty foods, cereals, porridge, eggs and avocado, so being able to eat a huge version of breakfast is my idea of heaven.

Another amazing thing about brunch is, there are so many more places making brunch menu and I simply love trying new ones out.

Not so long ago I visited Espresso Library in Cambridge for brunch. Loved their food so much I put a picture up on Instagram and they asked if I’d like to go back again and try more. So of course, I said yes. Being able to work with brands and people you love is one of those things in absolutely adore about blogging.

Espresso Library is just one of those places I will go back to again and again as it’s a great location in the centre of Cambridge, does incredible, mouth-watering food and has the cutest interior. A cute interior is a must for me, does anyone else feel like that? I love sitting in pretty places!

The venues theme has a rustic vibe with the true Cambridge reflected through its interior. Bicycles hang from the ceilings and the wooden decked walls give a real ‘LA feel’ to the place – super relaxed and inviting.

For brunch, if its early-ish morning I like to go for something sweet over savoury. So, I went for the Power Granola, which hands down was one of the yummiest granolas I’ve tried. You can tell it’s all freshly made with the best ingredients and inside is organic nuts and coconut buy cheap ventolin inhalers flakes, served with your choice of Greek or dairy-free yoghurt (I went dairy-free) with a freshly made berry compote. Honestly, if I could eat a breakfast for the rest of my life I think this may be it.

90% of the time I always choose a sweet breakfast food as this granola is so at the top of my list for sweet breakfast faves. I need the recipe because I just wanna eat it everyday buy valium online 10mg now.

Also, coconut flakes are my jam now and I so this is a mental reminder for me to get some and recommend you to all try them.

All of their food is so vibrant and I love that. Ollie’s food was a little more vibrant than mine as he went for the Avocado & Eggs on toast with crispy bacon. As you can see, the colours are just beautiful and it proved him very difficult to keep his hands off so I could take photos! A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.

The avocado sourdough toast comes with the option to have eggs however you like them and also a huge selection of toppings. They have a bit of everything from smoky chickpeas and tomatoes to salmon and prosciutto. Next time I go I am so getting the avo toast.

Of course I had a bite of Ollie’s (who could resist that!) and it was so so yummy. Fresh avocado with a runny yolk is just a little bite of heaven isn’t it?

With our brunch I went for a soy latte and Ollie went for an iced coffee. I always rate a place from its coffee and this is a real gem. Espresso Library use their own unique coffee blend from an individual coffee roaster near Cambridge called The Coffee Officiana and its seriously yum! It had super tasty foam to, just how I like it.

As well as the super chilled interior, the staff are also super friendly and helpful. When I stood there gawping at the smoothie menu for a few minutes straight, the staff were so happy to help me choose one and asked exactly what kind of taste I like. I went with Candy, a beautiful mix of fresh mango, orange juice, bananas, raspberries and raw vanilla powder. It was a delight in my mouth I tell you that (I almost didn’t share any it was that good!).

After writing this, I am now absolutely starving… how did I know that would happen?!

You can find out more about Espresso Library, what they do and their menu here.

Thank you again to Espresso Library for having us, it was delicious!

What brunch spots do you love?

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* This post contains a gifted meal *