Good morning, good afternoon, wherever you are in the world. I’m currently sat at my desk writing up this post whilst the weather is quite miserable outside but today I’m reflecting on a very sunny day in Brighton (which quite honestly, I’d much rather be at right now).

Although I’m getting right in the autumnal mood now, I can’t stop reminiscing on those warm summers day. Anyone else?

Well, today I’m going to chat you through my favourite things to do whilst in the gorgeous place that is, Brighton. I’ve been there both in on the chillier days and the warm sunny ones, so you can do these things whatever the weather.

First stop… Brunch.

What is a day out without brunch, eh? A brunch stop off is always necessary when you go out for the day. I kinda wish I could brunch everyday and it is after all the best meal ever.

If you’re a brunch lover like myself, then I’ve got something for you. As soon as we arrived in Brighton after an hour and a half drive, we were of course starving and craving coffee like never before. I found a tonne of recommendations for the Kooks Restaurant, a boho bistro in the pretty North Laine area.

This cute little place serves up all sorts from the popular avo on toast to full breakfasts (they have a gorgeous looking veggie option) and sweet treats. They’ve really got a bit of everything going on. As it was late morning I stuck to the sweeter option and chose the apricot, coconut, seed and nuts yoghurt and granola mix with berry compote and an iced soy latte. It was the perfect morning pick me up and I left feeling so satisfied, which isn’t always the case when going with the granola and yoghurt option. Ollie chose his fave, eggs royale on sourdough toast which he was enjoying so much I hardly got a word out of him. But to be honest, I was the same. That is the sign of good food right?

After feeling pretty damn full and high on the caffeine (joking, but it was seriously yum) we headed around the North Laines for a little shopping. Although I’d been to Brighton before, I hadn’t explored much of the North Laines so we spent a lot of our time here. We found so many new places to wander round and I love walking through the alleyways and coming across quirky little shops and market stalls.

My favourite find was actually a vintage clothing store across from Kooks that had an upstairs dedicated to houseplants. If you’re a houseplant fan then you’ve got to visit. The little boutique is called Spiderplant and is a green space I instantly fell in love with.

We explored the lanes for a good hour or two before heading down to the beachfront and the pier. Whatever the weather, its always so nice to head down to the Brighton beachfront for a lil fresh air and maybe even a cheeky little ice cream.

Depending on the mood you’re in, you can head into the arcades or sit on the pier and watch the world go by.

After the pier we headed back up to Duke’s Lane, the most popular lane located just a few minutes walk from the beachfront. This is where you want to go head if you’re into all the high street shops with a mixture of cute little boutiques and sidewalk cafes. You seriously do get lost in the lanes and the time flies by. It’s easy to get lost in all the smaller shops looking through all the quirky bits and bobs. The home ware stores always get me and Brighton Homesense is just a dream!

If you’re one to enjoy a sit down and a drink in the afternoon (I always am at the weekend for a lil unwind), we loved cheap tramadol usa both Maggie Maes and Bohemia. They both serve amazing G&T’s, but if you’re looking for something a little more chilled out then I’d say Maggie Maes. This is located quite close to the seafront and overlooks the streets whilst you can sit and chill out on their sofas. However, if you’re looking for something a bit snazzy and located in the lanes then Bohemia is my recommendation. It’s full of life, an amazing drinks menu and the quirkiest interior yet.

I could’ve honestly spent the rest of the afternoon in a bar somewhere or sit on the beach. There’s some kind of atmosphere in Brighton that makes you feel so chilled out. Not only is there so much quirkiness to take in and get lost in, there’s just so much you can do. I would’ve happily sat on the bar terrace overlooking Brighton for the rest of the afternoon but my stomach started to growl and I knew it was time for dinner.

We were actually going to head to the i360 but we decided to save that for next time. Honestly, I’m happy we did that so there’s even more reason to go back.

For dinner we were kindly invited to try the menu at Six Brighton, which is located on the border of Brighton and Hove and was a nice 30-min wander from the hustle and bustle of the lanes. Of course, if it was raining we would’ve taken the car but when the weathers nice enough it’s such a nice walk.

By this point we were absolutely starving and I’m so thankful Six had a huge menu to choose from. To start I went for the calamari & zucchini and Ollie had the organic chicken satay, both so scrummy but the crispy calamari was my favourite. It came with a divine Japanese style mayo that I’m drooling over as I type this. For mains I went with their organic chicken dish, the Le Milanese, a breaded tender breast on top of a fresh radish, cherry tomato and balsamic salad. I was over the moon that the portion sizes were big to, but so much so we couldn’t attempt dessert.

Ollie’s dinner choice was a typical of his, the Organic Chicken Burger that comes in an artisan brioche bun and served with fries and a side salad. He couldn’t resist but say yes to the complimentary cheddar and bacon, which I think was the very good choice. It looked divine.

The glass of rose went down a real treat to by the end of the day!

Although the restaurant was a little out of the city centre, it offers a bit more peace and quiet than those located in the lanes and the décor is stunning. With plush velvet chairs and dark wood furnishings, I couldn’t help but take some photos to add to this diary.

Six offer the freshest and locally sourced organic ingredients, which really translates in their dishes. I’m all for fresh local goods so I was into their ethos. The restaurant gives that fine dining luxe feel but with really amazing prices!

Thank you to Six Brighton for having us for dinner, it was delicious!

And that my friends was the end to our day in Brighton. Once again, a day of good food that I could devour right about now that I’m looking back at these photos. Oh how I wish I were back – I’m hungry!

Do you have any recommendations for a day in Brighton?

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* This post contains a paid for meal by Six Brighton *