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restaurant review in London
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Hello, hello and welcome back to a new foodie post. I have a lot of foodie goodness in the pipeline and I thought the best way to kick it off is with a location true to my heart. Central London. Although London has so much to offer in terms of cuisine, it is sometimes overwhleming to choose and it’s not often you actually come across a true British menu. I often go for Asian or something Tapas-style.Now, I think I’ve finally found the key to the lock for a British menu I actually love. I’ll let you have the key to. Ya ready? 

Located in the heart of the West End theatre scene and at the end of one of the world’s busiest shopping streets, you’d just never know it. Peace and quiet, good drinks and even better good. Welcome to VIVI. 

What kind of cuisine is VIVI? British, seasonal with a quirky take on traditional food. 

I would put VIVI’s cuisine under old-age classic British dishes, but with a twist. Each season comes a new menu at VIVI and each season brings new flavours, boldness and foods. I tried the new Spring menu which I’m just about to tell you all about.  

Budget friendly? A whole lot of yes. It totally depends on you. 

Like any restaurant in the West End, it can be budget friendly if you want it to be. Or, it can be a bit of a splurge depending on the occasion and menu choice. The ball is completely in your court with this restaurant as VIVI are affordable and offer a range of menus from brunch and afternoon tea to lunch and evening dining. Every menu has something to satisfy. 

restaurants in London
food review
restaurants in London

What’s on the menu? A whole lot of delicious old-age British classics, each with their own seasonal twist and style.  

I visited VIVI to trial their new Spring menu, which I have to say was like no other Spring menu I’ve seen or even tried before. It’s not often that a restaurant can change its menu up so often yet still get it right. The food is all fresh, locally sourced and you can really tell.  

I went with my best friend so of course, cocktails were on the cards. We both ordered the same thing, typical girls. First round was two of The Seifert cocktails, a glorious retro sweet floral aperitif. The second round was The Weeping Guitar, an aromatic fresh gin cocktail, which was the perfect drink alongside my main course.  

restaurants in London

Starters – we both had the English Asparagus, which was grilled and topped with a delicious (to die for) sauce and a scotch egg. I told you the traditional dishes were made with a twist, who knew asparagus and scotch egg would go so well?! It was 10/10 divine.  

Mains – I went with a chicken and avo salad and don’t think it’s boring because warning – *below contains mouth-watering food*! Not only was it an aesthetical dream, it was an explosion of bold flavours in the mouth to. I was aware how good the Moules-Frites were when Aimee didn’t speak for a good few minutes. That is a sign the food is goooood. 

Dessert – we simply couldn’t leave the restaurant until the After Eight dessert was ordered and demolished, even the waiter agreed. This was a dark chocolate slice topped with mint mousse and thin dark chocolate slabs that melt in your mouth. A cheeky Espresso Martini went down a treat to. 

restaurants in London
restaurants in London
food review London
restaurants in London
restaurants in London

VIVI cater for all intolerance/allergy needs, all you have to do is ask your waiter and they make sure the dish is 100% right for you. That being said, I have to steer clear of gluten and dairy and each of the dishes I chose had to be altered in some way. The chefs go above and beyond to cater to your needs and add alternatives so the dish is as close to the original as possible. I was a very very happy girl. 

What is the venue itself like? Interior goals. No other words can describe it in a simpler way.  

VIVI blew me away from the moment I stepped in. Let me just tell you, it doesn’t exactly match its exterior. Why? Yes, the restaurant was born in the West End and yes, the West End of London is a classy, vibrant, chic and trendy area, but I wouldn’t say it matches the beauty of VIVI. The old classic London West End meet the new and forward-thinking London West End. With outer space kinda high ceilings, a classy 1960’s style bar and interior details to die for, VIVI really has exceeded the standards. 

There are four sections to VIVI, which they call VIVI Zones. The four areas are designed for a different kind of mood, atmosphere and dining experience. Each zone can host a different occasion from birthday drinks or a girly cocktail-lunch catch up to a sophisticated meeting and occasional dinners.  

The Dining Room – open all day serving afternoon tea to lunch, pre-theatre and dinner menus. 

The Bar – a swanky 60’s style cocktail bar serving sophisticated quirky drinks and light bites. 

The Gallery – a more informal/relaxed dining area for larger groups, bottomless brunches and a whole lot of fun. 

The Liquid Lounge – a transforming lounge to enjoy brunch cocktails right through to a casual dinner and drinks. 

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restaurants in London
restaurants in London
restaurants in London
restaurants in London

Whether you’re looking for a relaxed lunch, occasional dinner or sophisticated drinks, VIVI restaurant caters for it all. A beautiful restaurant in the perfect location with a menu for everyone. Cannot go wrong.  

View the menu and more here. VIVI has definitely ticked off my a must try West End food/drink location.  

M x  

* This post contains a complimentary experience, all reviews are my own *