Dawn Rose: The Perfect Fragrance For All-Day Wear [ad]

Fair Parfum was founded in France in 1888. Since day one, they have been a luxury perfume house that ethically hand-made all fragrances from sourcing the ingredients to bottling the fragrance. Alongside being ethical, Fair Parfum is also cruelty-free and vegan.

Fair Parfum’s purpose is: To bring ultra-luxury and fabulous fragrances to scent lovers
in a Faîr way.

A recent discovery and new addition to my fragrance line-up is Dawn Rose.

Dawn Rose is a fragrance that will greet you from the crack of dawn. Wake up before sunrise and spritz this sweet floral scent to get you ready for the day. With sweet top notes of honey pomelo and rose, heart notes of clove, and base notes of suede, Dawn Rose is incredibly sophisticated and ideal for any occasion, day or night.

As well as all other fragrances at Fair Parfum, Dawn Rose will last all day and all night. How? Unlike other manufacturers, the master perfumer’s have infused all fragrances with 25% concentrated oil. This high concentration makes the scents bold and extremely long-lasting.

You may question, why is the discovery of Dawn Rose so recent?

Le Club was founded by the founders of Fair Parfum in 1985. This was a perfume connoisseurs’ private members’ club, where only members could buy the perfume. Now, all of their luxury fragrances are available to all at a discounted price. Fair Parfum achieve low prices by cutting out the retail margin and selling exclusively online.

Fair Parfum came back to life in 2020. The Charrier family and the members of Le Club decided that this was the right time to remind the world what an incredible thing a handmade perfume can be. After 130 years, the doors of Le Club have pushed ever so slightly ajar.

Now, anyone can discover and enjoy the likes of Dawn Rose along with their other signature scents.

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