On our second week in the Dominican Republic we decided to go on an adventure and do something we’ve not done before. The great thing is about being away on holiday is that you get lost in yourself and find a love for all things adventure, I certainly do. With the island being quite small but with so much to explore, we wanted to spend the day seeing as much of its beauty as we could. So we ventured out to visit Samana, a small mountainous terrain with stunning white sandy beaches off of the northeastern side of the island.

We travelled over to Samana on a catamaran and upon arrival were greeted with a whole new view of the Dominican Republic. Where we were staying in Punta Cana was very remote and Samana was quite the opposite with busier roads and many more locals. I love seeing and mingling in new cultures as it really opens your mind and teaches you a lot. From the bay we hopped on a safari truck and rode to a plantation farm where we got to taste and learn about the local delicacies. The fresh fruits and chai teas were a little taste of heaven.

Ollie and I finished up here and headed over to the jungle. Upon arrival of the horseback farm we were greeted by locals and from there were led into the jungle terrain on horses. It was such a surreal moment riding through the jungle greenery and beautiful water streams on horseback, I almost had to pinch myself to make sure it was real.


The most unforgettable moment for me of this day was trekking through the jungle. When I go away I always say I’m going to ride a horse along the beach and it never ends up happening. But riding one through a Caribbean jungle was just a whole other story. My horse was named Chiquito, I know how cute, and was so well behaved (thank god, as I was cracking myself a little bit beforehand). The entire experience was incredibly relaxing and like nothing I had done before.

Our surroundings buy phentermine 37.5 consisted of jungle bushes and plants with small clear water streams running through the landscape. There where to buy ventolin online were shear drops from other waterfalls that overlooked more of the jungle and I felt I was dreaming the whole time. Honestly, it was a real pinch me moment. If you ever get the opportunity to do it I say go for it! I hadn’t been horse riding in a long time and I’m so thankful it didn’t put me off.


The day finished on a very high note as we went off to explore the tiny but beautiful island, Cayo Levantado – more commonly known by the locals are Bacardi Island. I mentioned this previously in my Getting Lost In Paradise post but I need to mention it again and in more detail. It’s just too good to not share.

Never before have I seen a place so small, unpopulated and quiet with the most beautiful beach and views. We arrived to incredible sunshine beating down on the bluest waters. For about an hour or so we got to relax by the ocean and soak up the sun and then decided to do a bit of exploring. We found a part of the beach where nobody else was and I’d say there were only 50 visitors on the island whilst we were there.

Ollie had the best idea to fly up the DJI to see the island in all its glory. I was so blown away. It only flew up for around 10-15 seconds and the entire island came into shot. It put the whole idea of travelling into perspective for me and made me realise how much of the world there is yet to see. It was the most surreal moment being able to capture the views and beauty of the Caribbean for ourselves. This little island is a real hidden gem.

Hands down the best way to finish off our second week in the Dominican Republic. A jungle trek isn’t something you can do everyday, right?

What’s your next adventure? I’d love to know some of your top bucket list places.