Essential Features For Your First Business Premises

Situating your business in its own worthwhile premises is a major milestone in the life of your company, and no doubt you will never forget the journey that has brought you to this point. While it’s true that remote working is more popular than ever and even a commonly integrated aspect of many white-collar job roles, it’s true to say that offices and dedicated business buildings will never be past their sell-by-date, and will always provide value.

That said, purchasing a building is not necessarily a good thing, purchasing the right premises for your needs is essential. Of course, purchasing an entire building may not even be necessary when owning floors within a larger building or renting with the chance to outfit an entire location with your own furnishings and installations is just as appropriate.

However you come upon this deal, it’s essential to make sure it hits all of your needs and can potentially be expanded into as the future permits you to grow. In this post, then, we’ll discuss what utilities you may need space for, and how to furnish those rooms as necessary for your growing enterprise.

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Meeting Space

Having areas in which investors, clients, and potential job candidates can meet with you privately is always good to look for, because some matters may need to be discussed outside of your wider working spaces. On top of this, meeting spaces can allow dedicated teams to collaborate with one another.

We may also consider private offices to be smaller meeting spaces, as they may not be necessarily essential for your own firm, or could serve a double function. In many office-based premises, a larger co-working space will be structured with surrounding private offices for managers and even inter-departmental heads, such as the health and safety or OSHA manager responsible for ensuring the essential aspects of safety and wellbeing are cared for.

On top of that, a more private working space may be necessary for employees that work in human resources, based on the sensitive nature of their daily productive effort. For this reason, it’s good to consider not only the amount of space you need, but how that space can realistically be divided, and if there’s any room for renovation as far as that may be concerned.

Loading Capabilities

You don’t have to solely create or manufacture products to benefit from a loading bay for truck deliveries. Often, offices will require raw materials like paper, toner, and cleaning supplies. A smaller loading bay or even a truck-compatible larger loading station can be appropriate here.

Make sure all the provisions are accounted for, such as appropriate nighttime lights, accessibility and safety, and security features like strong industrial folding doors. Also, this means requiring access to the appropriate parking room and potential paving space to turn a large vehicle around in.

Parking Facilities

This is also a good opportunity to consider staff parking – will your employees need to park off-site, or perhaps in a private parking area? Might you be able to negotiate a discounted rate with the local parking service thanks to your staff using this area each and every day during the week?

Alternatively, might purchasing part of the industrial park where your new building is situated grant you some minor space for your own parking access round the clock? This might be useful for the headquarters of your space, especially if you continually welcome executive managers. Of course, parking is not always essential depending on your needs, inner-city office blocks, for instance, may have underfloor parking or perhaps offset parking in another building thanks to the way the city has been designed.

Server Rooms

A room for all of your practical server installations is essential, even if you use managed IT network services to run your systems. This will help you orchestrate backups where appropriate, using DataWorld to view more server racks and installation architecture to help format the room appropriately.

From here, hiring an IT manager to make sure your systems are maintained can be key, as can ensuring you use hosting services with round-the-clock support so that if an issue is experienced, it can be remedied effectively and downtime will be eliminated as quickly as possible.

Depending on the nature of your work, this may be more or less important, but it’s always important to segment space for your technical layout, because almost no business will eschew the use of modern computing equipment in 2022 and beyond.

Main Departmental Working Spaces

Of course, the co-working areas are essential to consider, not only in terms of how you connect all of the terminals, but in how much desk space you provide each employee, the orientation of the tables (zig-zag, square shaped, lined) and the navigable space that surrounds them.

On top of that, situating desks so that socializing is encouraged but not necessarily easy to do in lieu of work can be helpful. It’s also important to think about air flow, air conditioning and ventilation so that your staff remain comfortable to work even during the hotter periods of the year.

Staff Kitchens & Facilities

One of the best ways to degrade staff morale is to implement insufficient staff facilities or a tired staff kitchen. Investing in these provisions is a great idea, with good equipment like well-functioning microwaves, coffee machines, kettles, and refrigerators. 

Staff lockers and thoroughly cleaned staff toilets are also important – make sure they’re private, in great condition, and can be used at any time during the day.

Storage & Inventory Rooms

Outside of storing your inventory in a larger warehouse are the smaller supply closets you may need, especially for storing cleaning equipment or replacement toner and items similar to this. With smaller rooms that can be locked but provide you safe storage for all of your materials, you’ll be certain to have access to what you need, when you need it.

This will also help your hired services like overnight cleaning brands have access to the goods they need to perform the job they’ve been asked to engage with.

With this advice, you’re certain to purchase your first business premises going forward.