finding a new perspective

The year 2020 has been one far from what I expected. It’s been far from what you were expecting to I bet. Here we are, mid pandemic with life completely out of our own control. Most of us eager to get back to life and routine. That was once me. I liked routine, regiment, and rhythm in my life. I was never spontaneous nor daring. 

Yet, since this global pandemic occurred and I had to halt my worldwide travels, I’ve had more time to reflect. I’ve realised not to take life too seriously. 

Take it back a few years to when I first started writing my blog. That in itself was very daring for me. I started my blog with little to no knowledge that this would be a passion I’d be continuing for this long. I also set out with little understanding of my own self, my reason for starting a blog, and what I wanted to share. 

A few years later and here we are in 2020. Mid pandemic and so much more. Having so much downtime is the reason behind why I’ve kicked myself up the a$$ to write a new post. And, to share with you my new desires for this space.

Since the start of Life With MCM, I have graduated, found myself in a coveted career, and traveled far and beyond my expectations. Being a teenager at university I never really took myself and what I am capable of seriously. I doubted myself way too often (more than I’d like to admit) and because of that, it’s taken me a while to bite the bullet and set out my own path. One that nobody but me has control over.

fresh start in 2020

Both my career and travel I am extremely fervent about. Since pursuing these passions, I have a better understanding of my desires for my space online. I want this space to be impactful, informative, and inspiring. 

So, from here forward I am giving up my old style, burnout desires, and ideas. I was once a creature of habit and posting content that came from the head and not the heart. From here on I will be sharing more personable content. My desire is to work hard at sharing content that you can all benefit from and find nowhere else. 

I am slowly turning away from mainstream, fast fashion/lifestyle/beauty brands and want to share more on my journey in doing so. Yes, I once was a consumer of these brands. I hold my hands up to that. Many of us were and are slowly realising that we want to change that. 

I never want to push content out that doesn’t resonate passionately with me.  Posts from now will cover a range of topics. Like before but be more focused on niche topics, recommendations, and whatever feels right.

2020 has not been the best year. But, it has taught me to take life slower, more freely, and with a pinch of salt. If anything, I was not as content in myself as I am now. Maybe this slow-paced living is more for me than I first anticipated.

What has this year taught you?

If you have any ideas and things you’d like to see here, please share them with me. See you in my next post!