My favourite thing to do, as well as drink soy chai tea lattes, is to have some me time. Real me time doesn’t actually happen too often, as I’m always getting my head caught up in other not-so-fun ‘adulting’ things.

As much as anyone else, I had been craving some serious TLC and nothing better than a good old spa treatment to cheer me right up and get me feeling back to my old self.

You may have seen on my socials that recently I was very kindly treated to a spa treatment of my choice by Sanderson in their agua Spa, one of the most beautiful hotels I’ve ever visited in London.

The quirky 5-star West End boutique hotel is located just off of Oxford Street on Berners Street, and honestly you’d never think it. Just one step onto the road its located on, you’re surrounded with peace and quiet, and it really doesn’t feel like you’re smack bang in the centre and hustle and bustle of the city, which is how I think it should be. A hotel stay is all about peace and relaxation isn’t it? Then, if you do want to be back in the busy streets and shopping heaven, it’s literally a 3-minute walk back onto Oxford Street, so a pretty ideal location if you ask me. And, you get the best of both worlds.

Anyway, enough about that, you’re here to read about the beautiful spa indulgence right?

I was in two minds as to whether to go for a massage (as I seriously need it) or a facial. But, as soon as I saw there was an Eve Lom Facial Experience, I was pretty much sold. I’ve been using the Eve Lom Cleanser recently and was dying to try out more. The cleanser makes my skin feel incredible so of course I wanted to know what a whole facial using the products would make my skin feel like.

When I walked out of the lift into the agua Spa, I instantly felt zen. There was nothing but quietness, I’m pretty sure you could probably hear a pin drop. We were greeted and sat down in their chill out zone, a room of made up of white lengthy chaise lounge chairs, tall ceilings and beautifully thought out flower decor. I now have the idea that I want a huge still water piece with floating petals on the top, just like they did. It was so calming to look at and made the most gorgeous centrepiece. Everything was so intricate, still and peaceful, I never wanted to leave.

The changing rooms were the same. Quiet, glamorous and full of lush white decor, just how a spa should be.

What I loved most and made me feel like I’d died and gone to heaven was the ‘walls’. I say that in inverted commas as they weren’t real walls but white mesh fabric curtains hanging from ceilings to separate each room, and they are so high you can hardly see the top. It kinda felt like I was floating on the clouds, especially after the treatment.

As I say, I went for the Eve Lom Experience, a 90-minute facial including a décolletage, neck, shoulder and arm massage. I can’t put it into any other words than to say it was pure bliss. 90 minutes of solid relaxation that I would love to relive right about now.

Before the facial my masseuse, Sandy, talked me through what the facial will include and talked me through the Eve Lom products she will be using. When she said the treatment involved a hot wax peel I think my eyes lit up. I’ve never experienced anything like it. It was like getting a new layer of skin, one without dry patches, blemishes and dullness.

The treatment began with an exfoliation of the face and décolletage area with the well-known Eve Lom Cleanser. This product is so gentle on the skin; it almost feels like a fine sugar scrub and is infused with Egyptian Chamomile Oil, Clove Oil and Cocoa Butter that smells so delicious and fresh.

This was then followed by the hot wax treatment as mentioned above and then the extraction began. Quite honestly, I didn’t think I’d enjoy this part. I’m a bit squeamish with spot popping squeezing any kinda junk from the face (excuse the tmi), but it was so enjoyable. After the treatment my skin felt 99% spot and blackhead free, which I don’t think I’ve ever felt before. I seriously want to get extraction done more often now, it’s amazing what a difference it can make.

After the hot wax and extraction Sandy moved on to the décolletage area, massaging the top of my chest followed by my neck and shoulders, and then my arms and hands for a good 15 minutes or so. I believe this is what sent me into that sleepy mode that happened not long after the cooling facemask was applied. When the cooling mask was applied to my face, I was left for around 5-10 minutes to relax and let the goodness soak into my skin. Although I say 5-10 minutes, I have to admit, I was so relaxed I fell asleep whilst the mask was on. The masseuse came back in the room and I didn’t realise until she started to remove the mask with warm cloths. I mean, that’s a sign of a good facial right?

Each time a new product was removed, it was taken off by the most amazing cleansing sponges which I now regret not asking about. They were almost fluffy in texture whilst exfoliating at the same time.

It’s honestly so hard to put into words how amazing the treatment was. I don’t know why, it’s just I need people to experience it so they can understand the true meaning of relaxation.

After the treatment I was taken to a relaxation pod, where I was soon greeted by the staff and brought some delicious food. I chose the Supergrain Salad with chicken and the Super Greens smoothie. A very green lunch indeed, but it was the perfect choice after such a peaceful treatment.

I left the Eve Lom Experience feeling as zen as ever with the softest skin, full of goodness and super happy. The signs of a much needed and successful pamper session I think.

Thank you so much to agua Spa and the Sanderson for having me. I will definitely be back!

You can check out this treatment as well as the others agua Spa have to offer here.

What would be your choice of a zen spa treatment?

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* This post contains a gifted treatment *