Oh how fabulous is it that it’s the weekend?

After last weekend being a bank holiday I am now wanting every week to end with a 3 day break. If only life was that kind!

For the bank holiday weekend I spent my time in Brighton for the day on Saturday and then headed to London for a couple of days. It was amazing for the sunshine to be out and to spend the weekend away, but you know what makes the whole thing even better? Good food! You all know its true.

When I visit cities the first thing I do is look for good places to eat. More often than not I typically go for good-looking places with even better looking food on the menu.

Ahi Poke is a Hawaiian themed grab and go restaurant that serve the very best Poke bowls in London. You might be wondering, what on earth is this Poke Bowl you speak of? That’s exactly what I said when I heard the name. The Poke bowl concept was all new to me to a couple of weeks back but now, I’m all over it.

It’s not easy to find healthy and tasty on the go food whilst being in a city. More often than not it’s so easy to just grab and pick up whatever you see. But with the health kick trend being a big hit right now, this place has really got it right.

The grab and go restaurant serves fish and veggie bowls with all ingredients being sourced and grown sustainably. Since tasting the food, it’s clear to know that the team work closely with their sources to ensure they provide not only the tastiest but the freshest local ingredients for their customers.

My choice of dish was veggie as the fish is raw, something I kinda wish I liked but I just don’t. Depending what you prefer, you can either choose a bowl from the menu or make your own.

We decided to choose share a ‘make it your own’ bowl and a special of theirs. From their specials menu, we chose the Sweet Green bowl, which is a kale base bowl with mushroom, edamame (my fave), confit ginger, radish and carrot. This was absolutely delicious and I decided on soy sauce to add a bit of juice. If you’re buy isotretinoin phentermine online cheap online no prescription after a light lunch then I’d definitely suggest this bowl as its light on the stomach, super tasty and completely gluten free. For the ‘make it your own’ bowl we added brown rice as the base. The toppings included cashew nuts, avocado, mushroom, carrot, coriander, fried onions, red onion, coconut sweet potato and confit ginger (so pretty much the whole shabang). They were both absolutely divine and incredibly tasty. The ‘make it your own’ bowl is perfect for either lunch or dinner as you can add what you like to make it as filling as you’d like.

We enjoyed them so much we barely spoke whilst eating – I bet you all know that feeling, right?

If you can be a bit picky with your food (like me) and like to eat exactly the things you love, I would suggest creating your own bowl. This way, you can add anything you want and make it completely how you like it.

For dessert I went for the Date & Quinoa balls, as they’re a super healthy all natural sweet treat that I’ve always wanted to try. I must say, they were 100% drool-worthy. If you ever crave a sweet treat but don’t want it to feel naughty, then this is what you need. It gets rid of those cravings and are incredibly tasty. And, I knew this would happen, I’m now I’m wanting more whilst writing this. They were so tasty.

I am all about their Hawaiian laid back interior. All of the little details down to the palm tree print takeout menus and chopsticks make the restaurant so fresh and chilled throughout. It has real Cali vibes and I love it.

Although this is an on the go food bowl, the venue has a few super cute benches that you can sit at and enjoy the food.

Next time I’m in London and get hungry whilst on the go, I am so getting this. I think Poke bowls are my new thang.

Ahi Poke has two venues in London – Victoria and Fitzrovia.

Would you ever tried a Poke bowl?

Megan ?


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