Given a chance, not many homeowners would choose to spend their weekend removing dirt from the gutters. Nevertheless, when your most significant investment is the home, then you cannot run away from maintaining it. You will find creating a cosy home and maintaining it to be quite a daunting task, especially if you are a new homeowner.

Here’s your ultimate home maintenance checklist that you can follow to keep your home clean and in the best shape all year round.

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1.   Have a Clean-Up Plan

After the winter season and as spring kicks in, you have a lot of work cleaning the house and ensuring your home is in good order. To clean the home thoroughly, you will need a perfect plan. You can focus first on the inside of your house before working on the outdoors.

Once on the outside, work on the compound. Rake up all the leaves, mulch all the flowerbeds to keep away weeds, and protect the plants against drought conditions. Put the faucets back to work, inspect them for any damages, and have them repaired immediately. Engage a lawn care service provider to get your compound back into shape.

2.   Inspect the House

Inspect your entire home from the outside. It is advisable to have a regular repair and maintenance routine to determine areas that need repair. For instance, does the concrete have any cracks, is the ceiling in the right condition, or are the shingles broken or lose? 

Inspecting one room after the other will help you ensure the entire house is in order. For the kitchen, focus on aspects such as the chimney, fridge, sink, and oven. Check the condition of the floor, the foundation, and the façade to determine any signs of wear or water pooling.

Do not forget to check the status of the roof, gutters, and paint. Do not forget to check the status of the roof, gutters, and paint. Having a roof that is in a state of disrepair can lead to some serious issues in your home. As well as damp walls, any holes in the roof can be an open invitation for wildlife such as bats to make their home in your roof. You can learn more about this in this bat survey video by Robert Oates of Arbtech if you find you need roof repairs. In the meantime,  remove any dirt that may have collected on the roof and inside the gutters. In case the paint is chipped, engage an expert to repaint it. Remove any dirt that may have collected on the roof and inside the gutters. In case the paint is chipped, engage an expert to repaint it.

3.  Keep the Inside of the House in Perfect Condition

An average house has so many components inside it that should be monitored, maintained, and cleaned regularly. Evaluate the condition of your home’s inside. You can do this http://www.massagemetro.com/shop/lasix/ effortlessly by focusing on all the appliances, tools, and equipment, from the HVAC systems to plumbing.

Whenever one aspect of your house isn’t working well, it poses a significant risk and threat to everyone in the house. For example, the HVAC is an essential component in any home. If this system is broken, you put your family in danger—monitor the heating and cooling system for any signs of damage.

Do not forget to check your dryer. Is it in perfect condition? If not, get new reliable parts for your dryer and engage a specialist to get it back in shape.

4.   Clean the Deck

Not many people use their decks during winter, and if you are one of them, the chances that it has a layer of winter dirt are higher. Start by cleaning the deck, as this makes the inspection process relatively easy. When inspecting it, check out for any loose nails and cracks on the wood. If the boards have accumulated any debris or leaves, pull them out.

Follow these simple tips to clean the deck:

5.   Clean the House Thoroughly

Cleaning regularly can improve your home. But, it might be challenging to clean it every day, especially if you have so many responsibilities. Create a cleaning plan that you can follow comfortably to keep your house clean.

Spring is considered a great time to clean the entire home. When dirt accumulates for a long time, it damages the masonry and paint. Take enough time to scrub and clean all the winter dirt.

As you clean the entire house, do not forget the doors, windows, and hedges. If you can get a garden hose, it would help you reach areas high above without causing any damage.

Home maintenance does not have to be so overwhelming. By taking control of the small stuff early, you won’t find keeping your house in order a challenge anymore. Follow the above home maintenance tips to keep your house in perfect condition throughout the year.