How To Deal With Rejection

Rejection is an overwhelming and overbearing experience. It can happen in various shapes and forms. However, no matter what kind of rejection a person experiences, it will often have that ‘punch in the stomach’ emotion.

At the time of rejection, it can be difficult to see the positives and know how to move forward. Even with the right mindset, it can be hard to have the right reaction when you are in the moment.

Yet, there are some practices to introduce into your life that can help you deal with rejection in a better way. These tips are to not eliminate those horrible (but temporary) feelings but to help you get through those times when things aren’t going your way.

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Let the feelings in

Although the emotions can hurt, it is best to let them in, fill you up, and overwhelm you temporarily. Otherwise, the emotions can dig deeper and come back up when you least expect them to.

Even if this means sitting for five minutes and allowing the emotions to make you feel frustrated, sad, or anxious, let it happen. Doing so allow you to be true to yourself, boost your mental health, and allow the emotions to pass by sooner rather than later.

Take time to reflect

As well as giving yourself time to let feelings in, you will also want to think about giving yourself space and time to reflect. Reflection allows us to become more self-aware.

For instance, let’s say you recently got rejected from a job opportunity. Although it might feel horrible at the time, reflection can allow you to become aware of the fact that there are more opportunities out there and the right thing will come at the right time. It can be challenging to tell yourself that good things are to come when you have just experienced rejection. Hence, this time to reflect will also you to recentre and see positives from the experience.

Do not blame yourself

When we experience rejection, we will likely blame ourselves. However, this is likely not (or ever) the case.

Rejection can happen for a multitude of reasons. Many of which are not your fault and are out of your control.

You might be rejected from buying a new house because another person’s offer was quicker or higher than yours. This wouldn’t be your fault. It is just the way the market works.

Believe that everything happens for a reason and understand that when rejection happens, you are not to blame. The time to reflect will help you become more aware of this.

Keep yourself out there

After we get rejected, it can be common for people to want to crawl up into a ball and stop putting themselves out there. Whether you are rejected by a friend, a job, a house offer, or anything else, you can often feel the need to give up. However, giving up is giving into the fear of rejection, which we want to steer clear of.

The best thing that you can do for yourself is to keep going, keep your head up, and take time to process your feelings before you get back out there and continue to strive for more.