How To Find Customers For Your New Business

Finding customers and encouraging them to choose your brand over others is one of the most challenging aspects of setting up a new business. If you’ve recently launched a start-up, or you’re growing a new venture, this guide is packed with ideas to help you expand your client base

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Encourage customers to leave reviews and recommend your business

Did you know that more than 90% of consumers now read online reviews before making a purchase or getting in touch with a business? Most of us research online before we decide which company to choose or where to buy products. Encouraging existing customers to leave and share reviews and recommend your business to others is one of the most effective ways to attract new clients. Positive reviews can persuade shoppers or prospective clients to choose your business. Word of mouth remains an incredibly powerful marketing tool, especially in the age of social media. If you don’t have many reviews, contact customers and add a link to emails to ask them to leave feedback. You can also incentivise referrals and recommendations by offering a discount or extra loyalty points, for example. 

Introduce people to your brand

To make sales, you need to let customers know who you are, what you sell and how they can buy from you. There are multiple ways to do this, including online marketing, traditional methods, such as flyering, and events, including exhibitions, fairs and trade shows. Draw up a marketing strategy that is relevant to your brand and your ideal buyer or customer. Choose methods that will reach the right audiences and resonate with them. If you have an online store that sells clothing aimed at 18-30-year-olds, for example, SEO, paid ads and social media marketing using platforms like Instagram will help you reach target customers. You can also look into options like influencer marketing. If you sell products such as food items or pet accessories, explore events that are relevant to your business. You can enlist the help of an exhibition stand builder to help you stand out from the crowd at a trade show or set up a stall at a fair or show, which will connect you with people who are likely to have a genuine interest in your products. 

Use promotions to generate interest

Most people respond to promotions positively. Discounts, special offers, savings and incentives for new customers can persuade browsers and window shoppers to make purchases and sway customers from one brand to another. If your business is relatively new, and you want to attract more clients, use promotions to generate interest and introduce more people to your products and services. Good examples include social media competitions and giveaways, discounts on first purchases, access to exclusive offers for new customers, reduced introductory prices and time-limited savings. 

Launching a new business is an exciting prospect, but it can be difficult to make a splash and encourage customers to take the plunge and buy products or services. If you’re looking for new customers, take these tips on board. Encourage existing customers to recommend your brand to others and leave reviews and be proactive in reaching out to target audiences. Use promotions and offers to get people talking and persuade them to choose your business.