How To Live Greener At Home

The amount of waste the average UK household produces is over a tonne every single year. This is an astonishing number, not only due to the impact on the planet, but who knew you could throw so much out of the house and still have so much left to clutter the place up?! 

And because of this, maybe it’s time to make a few changes to your life, and try to adopt an as minimal waste lifestyle as possible. This could be great for both your home life and the environment around you, and there’s always a few good, specific ways to cut down the amount of stuff your household chucks out every single year. 

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Invest in Recycling

Recycling is something we all do on a regular basis, but we don’t have to stop there. We can go one step further, and use regular bin hire services that specialise in removing landfill, as well as investing in recycled items for use in the home itself. 

And many recycled items exist, made to be reused again and again. So, get reusable water bottles, make sure you have reusable shopping bags (and try not to add to that collection of plastic bags you keep under the sink!), and get as many reusable cleaning cloths and towels as possible. They’re easier to find than you might think. 

Grow Your Garden Out

The garden is a great place for helping you to reduce the amount of waste your house produces, simply because it’s a natural area that’ll love bits of old food and biodegradable items to be spread over it. The plants you grow out there can make very good use of the energy left in these waste products, and one big compost heap can help to cut down your household waste by half. 

At the same time, growing your own food will help you to cut down on plastic waste, as you won’t have to buy as many things from a store that come pre-wrapped. And being able to harvest your own fruit and vegetables is a mark of pride! 

Swap Out Your Cleaning Supplies

Finally, you may want to start using alternative cleaning supplies to your regular stuff, simply because most of them are one-use (paper towels, domestic use bleach etc.,) and need to be thrown away in short order. Not to mention that commercially available cleaning solutions often don’t go as far as we’d like them to! 

So why not start creating your own solutions? We all know we can make good use of items in the kitchen cupboards to put a cleaning product together, but make sure you’re doing so safely and in the right ratios

The waste output of your home might be startling right now, but don’t worry – there’s a lot you can do about it. Try to cut back here and there, and use as many reusable items as possible, to both save you money and help to save the world around you.