How To Make Remote Working A Success For Your Business

Remote working is something that everyone became familiar with very quickly during the pandemic. Once stay-at-home orders were put in place, companies had to respond fast to keep their businesses up and running. At that point two years ago, no one could have predicted what was to come and how it would change the way that people worked for years to come. Working from home used to be something that very few employers offered and was often met with doubts and suspicion by business leaders. But, now that the disruption of the pandemic seems to be slowing down, a growing number of employers and their teams are keen to continue with home working in some form. 

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It is easy to see why remote working is a popular choice for both businesses and their staff. Eliminating the daily commute, reducing the company’s carbon footprint, and creating happier employees are strong reasons to consider continuing with remote working. Whether you decide to make working from home full time a permanent arrangement, or you prefer the flexibility of hybrid working, there are many ways that you can proceed with remote working in a way to suit your business’s needs. But, if remote working in either of these forms is going to continue in the long term, it is crucial to ensure that your company is fully equipped to make the arrangement a success. Here are some ways you can ensure that your business makes a success of remote working so that it is beneficial for both your company and your employees:

Implement Collaborative Systems

Collaborative systems are a must for companies that plan to work remotely successfully. If your team was working from home during the pandemic, the chances are that you already have a collaborative platform in use. But, ensuring that this platform is up to the challenge of continuing working from home is a must. Identifying the pain points that your team experienced when using your current platform is essential when transitioning to a longer-term work from home strategy. Using a system that is no longer fit for purpose can have a severe impact on your team’s productivity, so it is worth examining whether your current system is the best choice for your business and delivers the capabilities that you need.

Improve Communication Methods

Keeping your team connected while they are working across the miles can be challenging. Ensuring that your team can contact each other easily and that they can communicate with customers effectively is vital. When communications methods are no longer effective, this can impact the productivity of your team and the service that your customers receive. 

While using collaborative platforms will help to ensure that online communication between team members is maintained effectively, you also need to find solutions that help your team to stay contactable and connected over the phone. Using a Cloud Phone system is an excellent way to ensure that your team members stay connected wherever they are based. Cloud-based phone systems are also particularly helpful for hybrid work arrangements as calls can be routed to the correct person automatically, whether they are in the office or working off-site.

Enhance Your Security

Cybersecurity breaches rose dramatically during the pandemic. Interpol reports that cybercriminals took advantage of the increase in employees working remotely by exploiting security vulnerabilities caused by the quick switch from office-based working to remote work. To ensure that your business is capable of working successfully from home, it is vital to assess your cybersecurity measures. Being targeted by cybercriminals can have significant implications for your business and result in extended downtime, financial losses, and reputational damage. Each of these has potential to harm the long term success of your business and to cause far-reaching disruption. So, ensuring that you have robust cybersecurity measures in place to protect your business operation is vital. 

Gain Feedback and Monitor Results

When your team begins working from home, it is vital that you closely monitor the arrangement to ensure that it is delivering the results that you hope to achieve. Implementing a review system that enables you to assess your team’s work from home productivity and work rates is essential. Monitoring productivity will help you understand how remote working can be improved and implement any changes required quickly. If you plan to commit to remote working or hybrid working in the long term, taking time to understand how you can refine your operation to ensure that it delivers the very best results is essential to sustain success.