How To Make Your Workplace Safer

You’re probably reading this blog post because your business premises has an active warehouse, and it plays a pivotal role in the development and growth of your company.

However, while you strive to meet all regulatory guidelines and rules on warehouse safety, you feel there is more you can do to ensure the safety of your employees and visitors and the longevity of all stock you hold.

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Take a look at the following five ideas on how you can improve the safety of your warehouse by making a few simple changes:

1. Paint And Mark The Ground

The first thing you should do is renew your flooring to make it safer for employees and visitors to tread. Damaged or loose concrete, for example, are trip and slip hazards and can potentially cause injury to people.

A freshly-laid epoxy floor, for instance, with line markings to signal different zones or safe passages within your warehouse, will significantly increase safety. Ensure you hire a professional contractor to take care of any flooring renovations.

2. Ensure All Employees And Visitors Can Be Seen

Your warehouse is a busy location, and it makes sense to guarantee that everyone is visible at all times. The last thing you want to happen is for someone using a forklift truck to accidentally run someone over because they didn’t see them, for instance!

There are many ways to ensure everyone is visible at all times. One example is to require all employees and visitors to wear high-visibility jackets. Another is by installing additional lighting.

3. Upgrade All Electrical Sockets And Switches

One of the leading causes of workplace injuries is electrocution. It’s not something you would wish on anyone, yet the sad truth is that it happens to thousands of people each year across the country.

To that end, you should upgrade all electrical sockets and switches, so they are fit for purpose and undamaged.

For example, new plastic enclosures will minimize the risk of water or condensation entering all electrical wiring, and new switches will guarantee that equipment can get turned off safely.

4. Keep All Stock Secure And Tidy

The reason you have a warehouse is that you store lots of stock in it, and it provides a safe and secure environment for your goods until they get shipped out to your customers.

Your warehouse is a busy place, and your staff will undoubtedly be moving stock around during the day and perhaps throughout the evening.

That’s why it’s essential you take measures to keep your warehouse clean and tidy so no-one will injure themselves or other people by accident.

5. Have A Daily Cleaning Routine

One final tip to keep in mind relates to cleanliness. Warehouses can become very dirty in a short space of time, so it makes sense to adopt a regular cleaning schedule.

Doing so will ensure things like cardboard, packing tape, shrink wrap, plastics, and more don’t end up lying around on the ground ready to cause someone to slip and hurt themselves.