2018 has been the year of introduction, a year of newfound hobbies, passions and a whole lot of ‘me time’. This year has seen a lot of newness should we say. I’ve found more time for me mentally, which has in turn given me a new look on what I want from life (for my 20’s anyway). But, I’ll get to that in a whole other post some time. Maybe. Who knows? Maybe I’ll scribble down all my thoughts – good and bad – and write up a roundup at the end of the year of having more ‘me time’ and what the outcome was.

I didn’t purposely give myself more me time it just seemed to happen. I fell in love with what I was doing with my life and have just seemed to pursue it. I think if I don’t do it now, then when can I do it. I fell in love with creating, mostly. I found a new love for what I can do and neglected those thoughts of what I can’t do. These thoughts and new lease of life, as you might say, has all began and grown/extended/pursued (I don’t quite know which word fits best here) within the space of 4 walls. Mine and my boyfriends office.

2018 – a new year of new things, loves, passions and most importantly… spaces. I’ve found a space, both mentally and physically, where I found my outlet, created my outlet, pursued that outlet and finally, found a place of happiness. Who knew an office could bring all kinds of joy. They might only be 4 white walls, but I thank them dearly and have now decorated them beautifully.

An office – or as I like to call it, creative space – is a space where all creativity comes to life. Sometimes a surge of creativity or great thought might come when I’m in bed covered in biscuit crumbs, yes. But mostly those thoughts spring when I’m in my creative space.

a.k.a. my newfound haven where I can escape to for me time, both for work and fun.

So, we took it upon ourselves to decorate that space, make it more us. We added new floor, painted the walls white (of course), added plants, lights, a desk, books, our ‘officey essentials’ and finished it off with something to tell a story, something we can look to for inspiration. Welcome, our new wall art.

I have to admit, I’m a real Pinterest nerd. I scroll day and night (when I can) to find inspiration and look for new trends, especially style and interiors. For a long time I have drooled over those fancy wall art pictures people post, thinking how I wish I could have that. Until now. Until Desenio made all my little wall art fantasies come true. Sad I know, but interior is something that makes me very happy, clearly.

Here you have it, our new wall art and essentially, our outlets of inspiration. When I’m sat on my chair and realise order tramadol pill I’ve been staring at a blank screen swigging my coffee for a good 10 minutes, I look to little bits in my office, like these, to find inspiration. Wall art can be fun, minimalistic, loud or fancy. Whatever tickles your fancy, Desenio have got it.

Choosing the perfect art isn’t easy. As much as you think you might know what you like, when there are hundreds of pieces to choose from, it takes its time. I knew I wanted something that replicated wanderlust and travel, something that will not only inspire my creative side but also my desire to travel. After umming and ahhing for some time, the perfect ones popped up and Desenio came through.

Firstly, I couldn’t keep away from the ‘LA vibes’ inspired art for two reasons. One being that I really want to go to LA and two, they fit so so well with an all white space filled with greenery. The 3 LA inspired pieces I chose all give off that pink girly vibe and fit so well with the other images being green and blue. The colour scheme balances out really well and I just had to have a bit of pink in the room. If you’re interested in the same posters, the ones I chose for the LA inspired art are the Tropics Poster and Pink Balconies Poster in size 30×40 and the Pink & Green Poster in size 21×30.

One that couldn’t be missed was the VW Campervan piece of art. Not only does it give a sense of simplicity and calm, but me and Ollie really want a VW of our own so who knows… maybe this will inspire us to eventually get one? I sure hope so. It also ties in so well with the LA/travel theme I was hoping for.

The biggest piece of them all is the Matterhorn Poster. This was Ollie’s first pick and it was a good one. We chose the second biggest size to fill the empty wall and by itself, it looks so beautiful. Again, it fits in with the calming feel of the room and is one I always look to for inspiration.

For the frames I went for a mixture of white and black wood minimalistic frames, also from Desenio. They have a whole range of frames of many colour and sizes, so it’s perfect if you want to order all of your pieces in one to get up on your walls or on your shelves right away.

If this post has inspired you both mentally to redesign your space, and also to choose some art for your own home, then you get some money off Desenio! Use the code ‘meganmccoig’ at checkout to get 25% off between August 21st-23rd (expect for frames and hand-picked posters).

What would be your art theme of choice?


* This post is a paid collaboration with Desenio, all opinions are honest and my own *