How To Optimise The Speed Of Your Computer

As professionals, we’re usually only as competent as our tools allow us to be. Of course, your professionalism, skills, talents and many other lessons you’ve learned will contribute to giving you the edge, and it is you who drives all of this work. But imagine a marketing executive operating in the 80s trying to outcompete with a marketing professional of today, the latter using modern devices and the internet in order to research and generate a worthwhile plan. It’s clear to see who would become more successful in their chosen task.

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For this reason, keeping our professional computing environment and desktop up to speed is as important as making sure our clothes are well ironed in the morning – this helps us with all areas of our professionalism, our ability to project our working self with care, and the means by which we plan out our day.

For those who might not have a background in IT, sometimes this can seem like a daunting task. Never fear, we have some worthwhile advice to guide you:

Appropriate Cleaning & Optimization

With the right cleaning tools and the means by which to go over your files and organize the folders and subfolders they’re placed in (as well as which folders have cloud write access), you can make sure that the clutter of temporary files, disorganized files, and resources that you may not have sorted will be properly allocated. The cleaning is especially useful, as this can help your computer’s memory more easily access your folders and enable you to copy, cut and write them from place to place. Over time, this can help you work at peak efficiency.

Security As Standard

It’s essential to integrate your security practices not only as something that allows you to keep on top of your daily affairs, but as a necessary base for every action you take. For instance, installing a VPN package that means whenever you go online, this is enabled, ensures that no matter what your traffic is encrypted. This can be tremendously useful, especially if you’re used to connecting to public WiFi such as in coffee shops and more. In the long run, this will make a tremendous difference regarding how protected you are online.

Invest In Good Peripherals

While they may be more expensive, SDD drives will expand your storage and allow you access to your files with much more speed. Good peripherals will also ensure that function is always guaranteed. It’s also important to consider your digital addons, like expanding your cloud storage space, as well as managing your personal and professional cloud drive areas so that you can easily collaborate with your team while keeping personal files save. Utilities like Google Drive, OneDrive and iCloud can provide this with care. Furthermore, peripherals that aid your particular needs, like keyboards that provide utility despite your arthritis, can make a huge difference in the long run.

With this advice, you’re certain to keep your professional desktop use up to speed in the best possible light.