How To Pack Light For A Trip

Traveling a lot or a little comes with the dreaded packing process. Although some of you might enjoy the concept of packing when you are about to take a break, most people will agree that it isn’t much fun when you realize you want to take more stuff than you can fit in your bags. 

When people travel a lot for work or for pleasure, they soon realize what they actually need to take with them as opposed to what they want to take. Attaining that knowledge is quite helpful and for those that lack it (or need some extra help with what to pack and how to pack) here are some tips for maximizing your baggage space and packing lightly for a trip.

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Buy the right size carry-on bag

Most airlines will allow you to travel with a carry-on bag for no extra cost. If so, you should take full advantage of this offer. 

Taking a bag smaller than the maximum dimensions will limit your packing space. Hence, getting yourself a maximum-sized carry-on bag will allow you to maximize your space. 

For instance, Ryanair allows passengers to travel with a carry-on bag that fits within 40cm x 25cm x 20cm. You can find travel carry-on bags that fit within these dimensions for an affordable price on Amazon. 

In those, you will be able to fit laptops, tablets, toiletries, books, charging cables, and much more. 

Packing toiletries

Getting yourself a travel toiletry bag is one of the most efficient things you can do if you want to learn how to pack lightly. In these, you can store all of your skincare, medicines, beauty tools, makeup, and more. They are large enough to home your toiletries and whatever else you would like to put inside. 

With the zip pocket options, they make for a safe place to store your jewelry and other delicate pieces. 

If you are packing your toiletry bag into your carry-on bag (it will easily fit along with other items if you buy the options linked in this post) then make sure to have a separate liquids bag for your liquids. You won’t want to faff in the security queue and have to separate your liquids in the line. 

You can pre-purchase airport security liquid bags ahead of time and pack your liquids into those before you get to the airport. This will help speed up the security line process and limit your stress levels at the airport. 

Speaking of liquids, instead of taking your large bottles, it is useful to purchase travel jars and bottles so that you can dispense your liquids into airport-friendly size containers. This will reduce the amount of liquid you carry and it will be much easier to get them through security. 

Pre-plan outfits

Whether going on a 3-day city break or a week’s holiday in the sun, pre-plan your outfits is always a good idea. 

Trying to pack without planning will likely cause you to overpack and, therefore, exceed your weight limit. 

Plan your outfits according to your activities and amount of days. Should you be going out for daily excursions, then ensure to pack enough items for those. If you know you are likely only going out once, then reduce the number of clothes you take. 

It is a good idea to pack what you need and then add a few extra items (for those emergency moments). This includes an extra top, pair of socks, and an extra set of underwear. You likely do not change three times a day at home so you don’t need to pack excessive outfits for when you travel. The fewer clothes you have with you, the lighter your case will be, and the easier it will be to choose outfits. 

Shoes are often the heaviest and bulkiest items. Therefore, it is a good idea to be selective when going on a trip. Only take a pair or two, depending on the type of trip you are taking. You can often rely on a pair of trainers and one other pair of shoes for almost any destination. 

With these simple and effective tips in mind, you will hopefully be able to pack lightly for your next trip. You will find yourself practicing these steps going forward and becoming a pro-packer.

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