How To Stay Healthier When Working From Home

Working from home can impact your overall health due to reduced movement, physical activity, and fewer social interactions. It can hinder both your mental and physical health more than you might imagine. Therefore, it is a good idea to know how to take better care of yourself when working from home. 

On that note, here are the best tips to help you stay healthier when working from home for the foreseeable future.

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Protect your eyes

Being at home more means that work and leisure can intertwine. Therefore, you might be spending much more time on screens. You might switch from working from your computer for ten hours straight to doing a Netflix movie marathon for five hours after work. Hence, you are spending a lot of time on your screen and straining your eyes.

Wearing blue light glasses will help you avoid serious eye strain when spending long periods of time using a computer or any other type of screen. 

You can wear blue light lenses with your current prescription should you already wear glasses, so anyone can use them and protect their eyes. 

Wake up earlier

Working from home means that you can move from your bed to work within ten seconds. However, this doesn’t give you enough time to mentally and physically prepare yourself for a day of work. Therefore, it will help your health if you wake up earlier, as you would if you had to commute to your workplace. 

Waking up earlier will give you more time for a coffee, getting in some movement, and energising your brain and body.

Get in your movement at the right time

Everyone has different peak periods where they have maximum energy. When this happens to you, it is useful to get your movement in. this could be the morning for some people and after work for others. 

Getting in plenty of movement will help with lockdown stress and keep your mind and body happier and healthier. Simply doing 30 minutes of exercise per day will ensure you can keep active and stay mindful. Some great home exercises to do include:

Eat the right nutrients

You might find yourself reaching for the snack cupboard more than usual due to spending more time at home. Hence, it is important to be mindful of this and make better dietary choices. 

It is best to consume the right amount of nutrients and calories per day to look after your health. Ensure to get plenty of fats, carbohydrates, and protein to keep your mind and body energised.

Maintain social interactions

Although you might not see anyone when working from home, it is important to keep up social interactions as it helps with feeling good and curbing mental health issues. 

You could facetime your friends or ensure to join in on daily work calls to keep up your social life and sociability. It will help your mental health and ensure you don’t lock yourself away from the world.