An overnight stay in a hotel just to get away from it all and have a little you time? Sounds like a little bulb moment.

A little spark of joy. A lot of good fun. The ultimate way to take some real downtime.

In a city like London, a city so busy with the hustle and bustle being seemingly 24/7, around the clock, non-stop, is a place you’d think down time and real peace and quiet isn’t really possible. Well, think again. It certainly is.

A stones throw away from Hammersmith station in a quiet back street lies Luma Concept Hotel. A.k.a. a little slice of minimalistic heaven that reflects the heart of the city, whilst offering nothing but peace, quiet and well deserved rest.

The Luma Concept Hotel* is different. Whilst presenting you with a taste for the unexpected at every given opportunity, it’s ever so effortless eccentricity, minimalism and efficiency shines through like true light bulb moments. With its grab and go, ease of access and ‘I’m gonna leave you alone’ attitude, it’s like no other hotel I’ve stayed at before.

This hotel doesn’t offer you the usual bar or restaurant, meeting rooms, spa and gym. No. It strips back all of those essentials we feel we ‘need’ to what you really do need – a place for you time and a place to be indulged by the little surprises and amenities the hotel has to offer. ‘Such as?’, you might ask. Well, sit back and let me enlighten you.

Luma Hotel is inspired by the grand old Osram light bulb factory, which once dominated the area of Hammersmith and its vicinity. This factory is known to be a Victorian workspace that has brought light upon its people since 1881, which is a reflection of the Luma concept and clearly so with its beautifully innovative light bulb displays throughout the hotel and endearing quotes dotted around.

“To bring light to all dimly lit days and change the way we see things”.

Whether you’re staying for business or for pleasure, this boutique hotel caters for your one and only need of ‘getting away from it all’.

Although you’re staying in the heart of a bustling part of the city and just around the corner from a cosmopolitan area of London, it almost feels like you’re surrounded by nothingness when in your room. With a slight view of the Hammersmith streets and a little peep into the bustling centre, there is nothing but peace and quiet. Which, I must say it very relaxing when the sun shines through your window onto the bed whilst being wrapped in a towel from a hot shower.

For our stay we were in one of Luma’s Luxe rooms, known as their Luma Luxe Double. The centre of the small but spacious room offers a luxurious double bed, a spacious desk and desk chair and a small two-seater sofa behind, surrounded by nothing but a large airy window and tinted mirrors.

At first when we arrived to the room we were like ‘eh, where’s the bathroom? Where am I going to put all of my stuff?’. Then, you pull back the large mirrors surrounding the room to reveal a wardrobe, shower and toilet. To say they have made good use of the space is an understatement. It’s like a minimalists idea of heaven as you can push the mirrors shut again and have nothing but the bed, the view and you.

Although the rooms are really quite minimal and ‘barely there’, they are full with these unexpected touches, such as hi-tech and high-spec things and spaces everywhere you look. They really did think of everything with built in out-of-the-way spaces to plug in your phone, get ready, a pull out TV and you even go to the loo in peace. Yep, just slide across those large mirrored doors and its like your in a little world of your own in there. It’s quite therapeutic I must say.

As well as the plush and oh-so comfy double bed, where I had the best sleep in ages (I slept in till 10.30am!), you’ll find other plentiful things.

In the room on the desk you’ll find a Nespresso coffee machine with capsules (the grin on my face was uncanny when I spotted this because I do love a good coffee in the morning). Upon the desk there is also coffee mugs and amenities, a telephone, a v swarve desk lamp, stationary and also a mobile device and a tablet. Yes that’s right, the room offers a mobile device and an electronic tablet for you to use during your stay to give you all the information you’ll need. You can even take the mobile out with you to guide your round the city, or just to be a help in hand when and if you need it.

The devices offer you all kinds of help, including a map of the area, recommendations of where to eat, see and visit in London, information on the hotel, the ability to surf the web and also a list of nearby restaurants that you can receive discount at whilst staying at the hotel. Food discounts? Yep, you read that right to. Luma really do have all your needs at heart, especially us foodies.

As well as local restaurants including every kind of cuisine, the Hammersmith area offers many other attractions such as bars, pubs, a theatre, shopping and very easy direct bus and tube transport other London areas.

On the evening of our stay we were starving from riding around on Boris bikes all day. So we took advantage of the many foodie spots around and picked up a huge bag of food from Tortilla (naughty I know), climbed into bed with a chilled bottle of wine from the grab and go bar area downstairs and indulged in nothing but ourselves.

After a long almost 11 hour sleep, we woke up to sunshine peeping through the window and v satisfied and well-rested bodies.

Downstairs from Luma’s Grab & Go bar area at reception; we grabbed our complimentary breakfast (complimentary with every room). This includes a pastry, piece of fruit and juice of choice – we went with the cinnamon swirl option and oh my did it go down a treat. As well as that, they offer complimentary teas, coffees and water. All of which you can eat at there, in your room or take on the go with you.

Well-rested, full tummies, a whole new enlightening experience – a very satisfying stay to put it straight.

Thank you to the Luma Concept Hotel in Hammersmith for inviting us to stay and get all the rest and London fun we needed.

The rooms start from around £150 per night. You can visit and book in your stay here.


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* This was a complimentary stay at Luma Concept Hotel Hammersmith with breakfast included, but all opinions and 100% honest and my own *