Guess who’s back? Back again… with a food review you are not going to want to miss. Let me just say, this one ticked all of my boxes and had me wanting more. Let alone its gorgeous interior (it was real bathroom goals), amazing staff and relaxingly sophisticated vibe, it has a fair few menus I want to devour.

The Tamburlaine Hotel in Cambridge* is the venue of discussion today. A hotel with 3 different restaurants means a whole lotta food. From A La Carte to afternoon tea and a cute little café, there’s something for everyone is this dreamy abode. After seeing the restaurants interior and the hotels grand entrance, I can only imagine what the rooms are like in this place. A little piece of heaven to say the least.

The hotel is located just outside of Cambridge station, which is the perfect spot whether you’re coming in or out of Cambridge and its one not to miss.

I took my mum along to lunch* with me before heading out for a day of shopping, and she was just as blown away as I was with the restaurant and its impressive interior. We love a good interior and even had a little moment in their bathroom. The wallpaper was even impressive and that’s saying something.

So after a look around the peaceful, beautiful and zen upstairs library, a few couldn’t miss photo opportunities and drooling over the interior, it was time to get down to business and eat to our hearts content. We saved ourselves all day and I’ll let you in one a little secret… it was so worth it. Ready to drool? Lets go.

The Tamburlaine’s Brasserie-style restaurant appears to be inspired by the 1920’s, with intricate brass detailing, a luxurious bar, swarve leather sofas and marble tables. It felt like I was in a movie but I was just missing the fancy long dress and silk gloves. Once sat down with a glass of their Sauvignon Blanc in hand though, I definitely felt right and part of it all. I can’t fault the staff and how relaxed they made us feel I have to say.

I found the menu to be simple yet exciting with so many choices of flavours and freshly sourced goods.

To start I went with the Smoked Duck Breast, served on top of a celeriac remoulade and a to-die-for sweet sultana dressing. The duck is served sliced, which is something I’ve not tried before and it was a delight. My mum went for the Forestiere Mushrooms, a popular start of theirs, that comes served with brioche and a delicious creamy sauce with a perfectly poached hens egg on top. As you can see, their portion sizes are second to none and so very generous (just how I like it) so I had to steal a bit of this. I mean, how couldn’t I?

With eyes too big for our tummies, it was on to mains.

I couldn’t not choose the seasonal fish as it’s always my go to, so I went with the Seared Halibut. If a restaurant can serve up a beautiful fish dish, I am sold. This one was up their as a 10/10 for me. The fish itself was incredibly fresh and just melted in my mouth with the garam masala sauce that it comes with. As well as that, the Halibut is served on top of pearl barley and caramelised cauliflower, ooh it was good – a true delight in my mouth, lets put it that way.

Mum went for the Chicken Kiev as I fully well knew she would. I’m one of those that check out the restaurants menu way in advance and when I saw this I just knew that’s what she’d get. It is a very upmarket version of a chicken kiev, so don’t let the name play it down. This was served on top of a mix of spiced butternut squash and spinach. Mumma McCoig demolished every bite so I assume it was as good as my main, because I did to.

The Head Chef went all out for my dessert. As I’m dairy free it was a bit of a nightmare as I was head over heels for two of their desserts and really couldn’t make my mind up. Lets just say, the chef really pulled it off and made me a very happy person. Out came a gorgeous looking dessert, which went like this…

A light ginger crumble covered in freshly baked rhubarb, honey madeline, dried raspberries and rose meringue. Then on top there was a delicious raspberry sorbet, which really complimented the dried fruit and rose meringue, and then it all had a light layering of raspberry gel and edible rose petals on top. Yep, it tasted as good as it looked.

If you love light and refreshing desserts, this will be a bit of you. I am very fussy when it comes to desserts and this was me in a dessert basically, which I was so impressed with.

Mum went with the Crumble of the Day, which was rhubarb and pear, served with custard, and she reported back that it was incredible. It looked it, right?

After a few hours had passed, it was right to say we really enjoyed ourselves and fully zoned out and just enjoyed the food and the atmosphere. Its not often that happens. I often get so caught up in my day and don’t get to fully relax over a nice lunch like this. With an atmosphere as calming as this, it was hard not to get lost in the great food.

Thank you to The Tamburlaine Hotel for having us and serving the most delicious and much-needed lunch. I couldn’t choose my favourite course because it was all so darn good. I will be back to try more, especially the afternoon tea held in the gorgeous Garden Room.

Sorry if you’re drooling right now, but I had to do it. I had to make you drool because I was when writing this, and that’s only fair right?

Find more information on The Tamburlaine Hotel, its rooms, food and more here.




* This post includes complimentary food & drinks, all opinions are my own *