If I had to choose my favourite meal of the day I would say brunch in a heartbeat. Honestly, if every meal were brunch I probably wouldn’t complain.

Although I’m a breakfast lover and can’t go on with my day without that and coffee, if I’m going somewhere and have to wait for brunch time I sure will. Sometimes I even have both because why not.

When looking for things to do whilst in Paris, we knew we had to find a good brunch spot or two as its something I always do wherever I go. The final day and our last meal in Paris was probably the most delicious brunch we could’ve found and it was so worth the 20-minute queue outside. Yes, we queued, but believe me it was worth it.

The brunch spot you just can’t miss out on is called Claus Paris, a short walk from the Louvre and Palais Royal, and is very Parisian chic indeed.

I feel the best places in Paris are those unique authentic spots, especially when it comes to food. So if and when you visit, be sure to keep this one on your list.

Aside from the queue, it was the best brunch spot of the trip. It was pretty, yummy and everything I love from a brunch – that being good coffee, eggs and granola.

We actually expected the queue as all the reviews online were 1) nothing but positive and 2) people saying it’s worth waiting around for. We were actually quite lucky as some behind us were told to expect a 45-60 minute wait – I still probably would’ve waited. Unfortunately, there is no reservation system so its potluck at the weekends I’ve been told.

But if you are impatient or get bored in the queue, across the street is Claus’ breakfast shop that serves coffee and pastries to go, as well as their favourite ingredients and homemade goodies.

Once inside, I couldn’t wait to see what all the fuss was about.

From first glance I could see that the interior was minimalistic but quaint, as was the space, and it smelled incredible.

As we visited on a Sunday there were four set menus to choose from, so you essentially get courses of brunch buy lorazepam 2.5 mg food, which is my idea of heaven. They do also serve cakes and pastries alongside coffee and juices if you’re after something a bit smaller.

All brunches have to begin with a good coffee don’t they? So, I ordered an almond milk latte that I wish I could re-make to that standard at home. I also ordered a revitalising juice with grapefruit, spinach, pineapple, watermelon and more veggie goodness.

The first course was a selection of breads and pastries. I opted to eat just the pastries because I couldn’t resist them and of course needed to keep space for the remaining two courses. French croissants are just too tasty, if only I could have the real deal for breakfast every day.

Second course came and it was so much more than I expected. I’m serious when I say you get your moneys worth. From my set menu the second course was scrambled eggs with mushrooms, spinach and pepper on bread. It just melted in my mouth, so much so I ate more of it than I thought I would. It was a really swish version of egg on toast I have to say. It almost looked to pretty to touch.

The last course came and it was the one I was most excited for. Granola is always my go to option at any brunch, I have a bit of a sweet tooth for it. It really is the little things in life that satisfy, right?

The granola arrived and my mouth watered. The bowl was filled to the brim with homemade granola on top of dairy free yoghurt, a winter berry compote, fresh berries and pumpkin seeds – a.k.a. heaven in a bowl. This was the reason I had to leave some room and although I was very full by the end of a three-course brunch, I finished it all.

We paid around €30 each and I don’t think that’s bad at all for three courses and a coffee each. The food lasted me all day and I’m now hungry thinking about it. Next time I go to Paris I will be heading back there for sure, queue or not.

What’s your perfect brunch spot?