It is always a good time to renovate. What better time than now to consider all the changes to implement to start the year on the right foot, be it a new look, renew your wardrobe or change cars, a new year is a great opportunity to start from scratch. With 4 quick ways to improve your home, you can better your space in no time.

We share some tips that will help you renovate your home without spending too much. Even if you’re moving into a putra heights brand new terrace house or moving across town to a brand new apartment, renovations can improve the look.

  1. Change the lighting of your spaces, this small modification can completely change the real perception of the size of the rooms in your house.
  2. Modify the distribution of your furniture, there is no need to buy new, just experiment with the order in which you have them organized, you will be surprised how different your living room, your bedrooms or your bathroom can look once you do.
  3. Eliminate obstacles, any object that interrupts the natural flow between rooms or even mental, such as not allowing you to use certain colors https://lexapronorx.com that you would really like to have in your decoration.
  4. Look for some versatile furniture that you can place in different rooms, for example a sofa bed, which is very useful in your living room or bedroom.
  5. Be daring! Take advantage of spaces such as the hole under the stairs and turn it into a place where you can store your things, some good organizing boxes will be of great help.
  6. Be creative! If you make your own shelves and place them on the walls of your bedroom or bathroom, then use deformed fruit boxes to your liking and hang them on the wall. You can also paint them in colors to give an even more cheerful touch to your bedroom.
  7. Fill your walls with memories! You can build your own memory board. What better way to always keep special moments in mind than creating a unique space that helps you keep them close all the time!
  8. There is no limit when it comes to renovating your home, get organized, be creative and let your imagination run, you will see that you will be able to give it that special touch that will make that space your home.

Look at the colors

Focus on three colors that you love and use them in six shades, two for each color. Better if they have the same color temperature, that is, hot, cold or neutral. Call a good painter if you don’t like DIY. Darker rooms to the north and lighter rooms to the south (yes, the opposite of what is usually done) to bring in the best lighting. For time and budget reasons, do not paint the wooden elements, just focus on walls and ceilings.

Shelves and shelves

Take the most beautiful bowls you have, in addition to the books (if they are ugly, cover them with a paper gift), add some black and white photos mounted on Plexiglas and complete with groups of monochrome vases. Alternate objects and books and avoid symmetries: you will see that your bookstore will give you great satisfaction.

Renew furniture and upcycle where possible 

An old piece of furniture can be given new life with new paint or a change of handles. A good alternative is to use chalk paint, a very easy to apply chalk paint, suitable for the inexperienced. Another option is to change the varnish of a piece for an aged patina to achieve a vintage effect that can turn an old piece of furniture into one with a lot of waves.

What to take into account to get down to work? First, make sure the part is clean. Then, if necessary, sand the surface to smooth it out, remove the dust, and allow the paint to adhere. If chalk paint is used, it can be painted directly with the chosen color and then protected with a wax or lacquer, depending on the use that is going to be given to the furniture.

Decorate with Vinyls 

Renovating a boys’ room can be very simple and inexpensive at the same time. The vinyls of the most varied sizes and designs can be placed very easily on the wall and will provide a very fun design touch. You can opt for small details, stamping a wall with polka dots, arrows or stars. Or, choose a mural that gives prominence to a specific corner of the room. Vinyl rugs with children’s designs and games are an ideal alternative to create a beautiful environment while providing a possibility of play and enjoyment. In addition, they are easily removable. An excellent alternative.

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