Refreshing The Office For Spring [ad]

Refreshing the office for spring is always an exciting time. Not only does it offer a boost of inspiration and freshness, but it feels like a time when you can truly blow away the cobwebs. 

An office update occurs seasonally in my household. It feels like a good opportunity to rejig the setup and replace the design features, such as the prints. 

Although the prints in the office are often timeless, they are the feature that inspire me the most. So changing them often for a burst of new inspiration feels necessary. 

Whether you are looking for wall art, leaning prints, or stand-alone pieces, Desenio has it all. They offer a variety of themes from travel and food to illustration and graphics. 

For this spring, the office is being refreshed with some neutral, fresh, and abstract pieces. Line and minimal art are great options for those who like a clear mind. 

Minimalist art focuses on things like geometry, line, and colour. Early works tended to be monochromatic, limited to one color and related hues. It is very conceptual, the form of which could be into space, condition, light and detail of the material. Hence, it allows the mind make up its own mind on its perception.  

These pieces are perfect for spring and new beginnings.