a simple skincare routine for soft skin

Your skincare should reflect skin goals. A minimal and fuss-free daily routine can result in effortless minimal soft skin.

Skin is a beautiful blank canvas. It is something that you have complete control over. Everyone’s skin is different and we should all feel beautiful in our own skin.

Many assume that a skincare routine should involve numerous products for the best results. But, I believe and swear by the complete opposite. The fewer products you put onto your skin, the less stress, chemicals, and routine it has to deal with.

Any complex routine is overwhelming. Your skin should never feel under stress nor overwhelmed. Hence, today is all about stripping back and getting back to basics with skincare. Not only is a daily 10+ step skincare routine a lot of time, money, and effort, but it also is not the only answer. Just a few routine products can work the same, if not better. Once you find products that work for your skin, you only need those to maintain healthy, nourished, and well cared for skin.

The only products you need

To strip things back to basics, there are only a few products you should want to invest in. Instead of trying to find the latest skincare innovation or product, go back to what you know. Here, you’ll find the only skincare products you will need for maximising your skin’s appearance and overall health. All of which suit most skin types.


Cleansers wipe away excess dirt, oils, and dead cells. This creates a clean canvas for the following skincare to work its magic.

Eye cream

Eye creams work to slow aging and reduce signs of tiredness.


Serums and oils offer the skin the highest level of hydration by penetrating deep into the skin’s layers.


Day or night moisturisers help nourish and protect the skin from problems.

To get the best results, you do not have to use all of these products. Especially not every day. These are simply suggestions for the kind of products skin appreciates. Stripping things back to basics might mean just one product for you and all products for someone else. Preferably, the fewer the better. Less product application allows your skin to breathe. Simple eye cream and moisturizer can do the trick!

To get the best results from the products, massages work wonders. Why? Massaging your face is beneficial to de-puff and increase blood flow. Doing this every morning and night can reverse aging and relax the muscles in your face. It’s a good wake up and wind-down technique.

For massaging, you can use your hands or a roller. Facial rollers are pretty self-explanatory. They are quick, easy, and very effective. You can find some of the best below.

Facial rollers promote efficient and effective techniques. They pretty much do the job for you. But, hand massaging can be just as effective with the right method. To massage with your hands, follow these simple steps.

how to massage your face
  1. Apply the product you wish to massage into your face to your hands.
  2. Press your fingers into the center of your brows. From here, slide your fingers up your forehead to your hairline. Repeat this a few times.
  3. Relax your eyes by massaging the socket. Start on the outer corner and gently perform circular motions around your eye and brow.
  4. For the cheeks, start at the base of your nose and brush with pressure to your ears. Then, starting at the jawline, perform sweeping motions up towards the eyes with your fingertips.
  5. Finish the massage with your neck. Gently use upwards strokes into the bottom of your jaw.

Creating your routine

A skincare routine should be fuss-free and enjoyable. Maintaining a routine is easier when you feel passionate about the products and see real results.

So, finding your perfect products is key. Then, it is time to put them into practice.

It is an easy mistake to apply skincare in the wrong order. To get the most out of your routine, here is a simple guide on which order to use your products:

Step 1 – Cleanse

For your products to absorb properly into the skin, you will need to cleanse your skin well. Double cleansing is the latest phenomenon and it really does work. It is ideal after stressful days that involve pollution, sweaty exercise, and screen. Cleansing is the best way to ensure your skin is free of makeup, dirt, and oil. A bare face is a perfect canvas for your skincare.

Step 2 – Awaken

Treating your eye area is just as important as your face. Your eyes benefit from eye creams for two reasons: soothes and depuffs. Depending on your skin type, the eye cream you’ll wish to use will vary. But, all eye creams should contain collagen-boosting properties to help with anti-aging (no matter your age, this will always benefit you). Eye creams should also be hydrating and gentle on the eye.

Step 3 – Hydrate

Hydration is not just about the surface layer of your skin. Penetrating into the deeper layers will offer the best hydration your skin can get. Serums and oils are the products to use for this. They contain smaller molecules than moisturisers which can filter deeper into the skin’s layers. The highly concentrated ingredients promote intense hydration. Thus, serums and oils are only necessary once a day. Regular use can give the skin a firmer and softer texture.

Step 4 – Moisturise

Lastly, moisturise. Many assume that moisturiser should go on before a serum or oil. But, now you know that serums work to deeply penetrate the skin (more so than any moisturiser can), it makes sense to add the serum first. Following with a moisturiser helps to lock in the serum and let it work its magic. Moisturising daily can combat dryness, oiliness and reduce the risk of skin problems. Regular use will ensure softer, smoother skin.

For all 3 steps after cleansing, use massaging techniques to apply the product. It will improve the appearance of skin and maximize the benefits of the skincare you are applying.

These exact products and steps can be used day and night. Finding products that are gentle on the skin and can be used once to twice a day is a great way to save money, space and time.

After this routine, you can go about applying your usual makeup and SPFs. Or for the evening, give your face an extra massage, use pillow sprays, and/or eye masks for a good night’s rest. Sleep is just as beneficial for the skin as products are.

Using a simple skincare routine on a daily basis allows products to work to their maximum potential. All whilst ensuring your skin never becomes irritated or stressed by new or too many products.

Everyone’s skin reacts differently to products. So, finding the right products for your skin and it needs is down to you. This is a guide for journeying to find the right products and how to get the most out of a simple and minimal skincare routine.

For more skincare sessions posts, stay tuned.

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