The sustainable beauty world is forever expanding, which is amazing news. More and more beauty brands are turning to eco-friendly ingredients. New brands that are emerging are focusing solely on producing sustainable products only.

The beauty industry is becoming kinder to the world. It is forever evolving and adapting to meet the customer’s needs. Which is now, to use vegan, cruelty-free, and sustainable ingredients. Everything from sustainable hygiene care, makeup, skincare, and hair products. Thus, investing in these brands is not only good for the planet but is also good for our skin.

Most people think about makeup or skincare when it comes to beauty products. Especially when looking for sustainable and vegan beauty brands to add to your collection.

But, our daily hygiene care is just as important to invest in for its sustainability. If not, more important. We use hygiene care on a daily basis, going out or not. Deodorants, toothpastes, shower gels, and soaps.

So, it’s time to swap out your non-recyclable and environmentally damaging products for new sustainable options.

Two new products have made it successfully into my daily routine.

Wild Natural Deodorant

We Are Wild is a deodorant brand, founded in the UK. It’s mission was to create a 100% natural that is fully compostable, natural, plastic-free, and eco-friendly. Of which, is has succeeded. The product is:

  • 100% natural
  • free from aliminium
  • plastic free
  • single-use
  • cruelty-free
  • vegan friendly

The deodorants are available in different scents including coconut, orange, bergamot, and mint. Different scents are great to align with your preference, or for the seasons. The plastic-free packaging also aligns with the theme of personal preference and sustainability, as it is available in 4 different colours; aqua, coral, purple, and silver. These are single use and a great swap for your non-resusable deodorants.

Wild make it easy for customers to refill their single-use containers with their flexible subscription service. Through this service, you can receive 3 refills every few months at just £5 per refill. Upon signing up the price is £12, and you will receive 1 case and 1 refill. This means you can always have a stock of deodorant as well as changing up your scents every few months.

Or, you can buy a one off purchase for £25, which will give you 1 case & 3 refills.

Wild Natural Deodorants are a great substitute for your current non-reusable hygiene care. Find out more here.


A luxury cosmetic brand founded in France. What makes their products stand out is that they use all-natural active ingredients sourced from African landscapes, to support local communities. They are the very first beauty brand to be certified as Wildlife Friendly.

Ingredients include pure shea butter and moringa extract. ELEPHAS uses minimal ingredients to make the most simple yet effective formulas which are:

ELEPHAS Paris are a new premium sustainable brand, with a few products available right now; their soaps and shea butter. The brand are expanding their range with Moringa Beauty Routine products which includes lotions, creams, oils, and toners.

All products are palm oil free, come in sustainable packaging, and meet all of the above benefits.

To discover the current ELEPHAS Paris range, or pre-order the Moringa essentials, click here.

Which sustainable brands have you recently discovered?

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