The Benefits Of Choosing Development Goals

When it comes to education, the norm is to let learning facilitators or instructors determine the developmental goals of a program – they decide who learns what, how and in what time frame. 

But what would happen if we turned the tables and gave learners more control and autonomy over these decisions, allowing them to choose the path of their own development? 

via: pixabay
Via: Pixabay / *this is a paid collaborative post*

Ezra Coaching examines this idea and lists the benefits of a more autonomous approach to learning. The coaching app platform lets organisations pick from a range of 33 researched competencies as their coaching development goals. They can either pick from a pre-defined archetype program or pick 12 competencies to formulate their own mix. Individual learners then choose 3 of these selected competencies as their personal goals.

This approach helps us understand how a coaching order zolpidem program will be utilized, based on the following questions:

Of the top picked competencies, 6 appear in the top ten picks for both individuals and organizations, while 9 appear the same for individuals and their direct line managers, implying that: 

The bottomline is to let the learners choose as it drives change much more efficiently, and gives a much better output for both the individual and the organization.

Infographic designed by: Ezra Coaching App